Post-Christmas neutral gift wrap clearance sales

If you’re headed out after Christmas to shop the clearance sales, don’t forget one of my favorite tips: Stock up on clearance gift wrap at half-off or better — and look for paper designs that are neutral and can be used for other occasions throughout the year! I’ve seen a lot of neutral Christmas and holiday gift wrap designs all over town this month.


Over at Meijer, I spotted several designs of wrapping paper that would work for any occasions. 50-square foot rolls are regularly $1.99 and will be $1 once they go 50% off.   (Look at that Star Wars paper. It’s just screaming to be used for birthday gifts for some Star Wars-lovin’ Cataldo children!)


The Star Wars, Justice League and other licensed designs are 40-square-foot rolls. They’re $4.99 and will be $2.50 with a 50% off sale. There are also 100-square-foot rolls of paper for $4.99, which will also be $2.50 once these go half off. Gift wrap is already 25% off at Meijer.


Over at CVS Pharmacy,  I spotted rolls of wrap that are solid silver, solid gold, solid red, and others with a mix of stripes and polka dots. 40-square-foot rolls are $4.99 and will be $2.50 with a 50% off sale. They have some 55 and 80-square-foot rolls as well priced at $5.99 and $6.99, depending on styles. 


Jewel-Osco has several styles of gift wrap featuring red and green stripes, polka dots, and plaid designs. The 25-square-foot rolls are $1.25 and will be about .63 each with a 50%-off sale. 45-square-foot rolls are $2.99 and will be $1.50 once holiday half-off clearance sales begin.


By far, though, Walgreens has some of the best neutral holiday gift wrap designs this year. It seems to me that they actually have more neutral designs than Christmas-specific designs! I’m really looking forward to grabbing some of these once post-holiday clearances begin!


Here are some more of their holiday gift wrap designs for 2016. Quite a few of these styles would look great for birthday gifts too! 50-square foot rolls are $2.99 and will be $1.50 once the 50% sale begins.


Some of these rolls feature double-sided paper designs. They’re 55-square foot rolls priced at $6.99, so they’ll be $3.50 after the sale. (Watch for these as they’re mixed in with the lower-priced gift wrap.)


Here are even more examples of the holiday gift wrap designs at Walgreens! The foil rolls are 30 square feet and priced at $4.99. They’ll be $2.50 once a half-off clearance begins. These too are mixed in with the less expensive rolls.

 While you can always find $1 gift wrap at the dollar store, I find that I’m able to pick up larger square-foot rolls in the $1-$1.50 range every year after Christmas, and by looking for designs that will work year-round, I’m never out of gift wrap throughout the year. I’m particularly partial to Walgreens’ paper, as it’s made by Hallmark and seems thicker (to me, anyway!) than the paper I used to buy at the dollar store. 

Happy gift-wrap hunting after Christmas! 


  1. dancingwolves says

    I find good quality paper at Target especially Christmas ones. Large thick paper rolls with the squares on the back for helping me cut (getting older cant cut straight). They usually have some patterns that are for any occasion.

    • says

      I actually haven’t been to Target at all this season to check out their paper, but I have bought paper there before. If anyone’s seen neutral paper designs there too, feel free to chime in :)

      I should have added other places I’ve been out to and seen paper: Walmart and Menards had Christmas-only designs. The vast majority of the paper at Farm & Fleet was Christmas, with a couple multicolor design rolls that could work for other occasions too.

  2. soapboxtray says

    HI! I was all over today and Target does have some neutral paper too. It is not as cheap though but the quality is nice, I have that same Star Wars paper, love it! Walmart had some good variety of animal paper for pets or animal lovers. Target has clearance sheet sets, we got a flannel king size for $14. and there is a 30% off cartwheel that comes off it ended up being $10. and I can’t wait to get them on our bed!

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