Walking across America in Reebok Skyscapes

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
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Recently, Reebok asked me to try out a pair of new Reebok Skyscape sneakers. The Skyscape is an extremely lightweight walking shoe. Each shoe reportedly weighs just 5 ounces. How light is that? Well, thanks to my postal scale, I was able to compare the Skyscape to other footwear that I already own:

My scale says that this Skyscape weighs 5.1 ounces. I’m guessing the .1 is the shoelace!

In comparison, my Hilfigers weigh 11.45 ounces each, my Avia running shoes weigh 9.6 ounces each, and my Converse Cutaways (really, more of a flip-flop shoe!) weigh 6.4 ounces each.

Why are these Reeboks so light? They’re made of foam! The shoe upper feels like its made of a cushioned, stretchy wetsuit-type material. (Reebok’s publicity materials state that the shoe upper is actually made with a similar process to that of foam bras.) The sole is also made from a lightweight plastic/foam type material. Quite honestly, I’ve never owned a shoe that was constructed in this way. It weighs next to nothing, but it doesn’t feel “cheap” or unsupportive.

Skyscapes come in a variety of colors (if you’ve seen the TV commercial currently airing, you’ve seen the vibrant hot pink style!) but I opted to go with a black upper/white sole style. And, while I usually like to wear shoes around the house to break them in before wearing them for extended periods of time, I received these shoes right before taking part in a cross-country blogger adventure! What better way to see how these shoes performed than to walk across much of the country in them? And walk I did!

From theme parks to aquariums…
From caves to campers…
From national parks to national monuments…
From historic sites to roadside attractions…
From farm time to free time…
I really tried to put my Reebok Skyscapes to the test! They were incredibly comfortable throughout all of my adventures though. Note these are not a high-arch running type shoe – they’re built for comfort, and because they’re so lightweight, you almost forget you have them on. I felt like I was wearing slippers each day.

Despite all of the walking I did in these shoes, I never experienced blisters or any kind of foot pain either. And by the time my “walk across America” was over, my Skyscapes certainly needed a washing…

…but they were no worse for the wear. Reebok advertises this as a fully machine-washable shoe, and indeed, I pulled them out of the washing machine looking good as new.

More about Reebok Skyscapes:

An everyday shoe for active and casual wear, Skyscape features 360 degrees of foam comfort in a fun, flirty silhouette that pairs perfectly with jeans, skirts or yoga pants and is so comfortable, you’ll forget you have it on.

The Skyscape upper is crafted using the same manufacturing techniques and processes as molded foam bras, but using materials that have been optimized for the stresses and strains placed on the feet all day. The seamless, 2-way stretch material creates a soft, comfortable envelope around the top and sides of the foot, while allowing for natural foot movement and breathability. The sole of the shoe resembles cloud-like pillows, and provide cushioning, comfort and flexibility for all-day comfort. The flirty lace-up silhouette comes in a broad range of colors to match any outfit or mood.

Reebok Skyscapes are available at Kohls and on Kohls.com. Read reviews of the Reebok Skyscape at Kohls.com. Or, order online at Reebok.com.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


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    Seems like everyone who reviewed these got a kohls gift card to review them. After 6 pages with all reviews from those with a gift card. HUM. Wonder if I can get a gift card if I promise to review them too. Crazy.

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