The return of the Trial-Size Dawn detergents


You may remember that last year, I reached out to Proctor & Gamble to inquire why some 9-ounce bottles of Dawn dish detergent were marked “Trial Size,” while other identically-sized 9-ounce Dawns were not. Typically, the Dawn bottles marked “Trial Size” could be found at dollar stores and other discount retailers.

After reviewing the situation, Proctor & Gamble let me know that moving forward, all 9-ounce bottles of Dawn would be considered regular sizes, and shoppers would slowly see the bottles marked “Trial Size” work their way through the system and be replaced by bottles without the “Trial Size” label.

Admittedly, I don’t do the majority of my dish detergent shopping at the dollar store – Dawn’s usually a great deal at drugstores and supermarkets too, often priced at .99 during a sale. Add a coupon, and I’m taking Dawn home at a good price. So, I was surprised to see these bottles of Dawn at Dollar Tree:


What happened? The “Trial Size” label is back, and it’s even larger than before!

I spotted three different varieties of Dawn at Dollar tree, and all three have very large “Trial Size” labeling. The rear labels on each bottle have a 2015 copyright date.

I reached out to P&G again to find out what was going on.

P&G shared that they indeed changed three SKUs of 9-ounce bottles of Dawn dish detergent back to being labeled “Trial Size” to avoid coupons being used on the varieties of Dawn that P&G supplies to dollar stores.

I realize this goes against what I previously shared with you last year – at the time, P&G confirmed they would be eliminating the “Trial Size” labeling on all 9-ounce Dawns for consistency’s sake. Of course, brands are free to change their promotional strategies at any time, which is what they’ve done here – so, we’re back to having some 9-ounce Dawns classified as full size, while other 9-ounce Dawns are trial size.

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