Safety first!


I’m a sucker for interesting kitchen gadgets, so when I spotted this Stanley bottle opener at Menards recently, I had to buy it. Just look at it! It’s got the ergonomic grip of a Stanley hand tool, but instead of finding a standard or Philips screwdriver head at the other end? Stainless steel bottle opener.

It was on sale for $2, and I thought the humor value alone of using a lifetime-warranty hand tool to open my glass-bottle Cokes made it worth buying. Plus, I thought it would be funny to see it in our kitchen drawer anytime someone reached in for a potato peeler or spatula. (Yes, I’m easily amused.)

Once I got this bottle opener home, I was taking it out of the package, and I spotted this:


I’ll make sure to put my safety goggles on when I pop my next 12-ounce Coca-Cola open…


  1. Diane says

    My favorite warning was on a crib. It said never leave the child unattended while using the product. Neither my husband nor I was wiling to stay awake all night watching the baby sleep, much as we cared about her safety!

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