Another great Sears Outlet trip: This outfit was $10!

Lately, I’ve been feeling some mad love for Sears Outlet, and the funny thing is that I’m not really a “regular” Sears shopper much at all. But when you need to buy something, versus the ongoing clearance-bargain-hunting that I also like to do, the odds are heavily stacked in your favor that you’ll find something at a good price there. It’s a clothing outlet where the prices really are crazy-cheap every day.

My daughter needed a party dress and asked if we could go to the Woodstock Sears Outlet yesterday. (Yep, sometimes we go when it isn’t Free Clothing Day..!) So while she was looking for a dress, I looked for some summer capris and put this outfit together.

All of their capri pants are on sale for $6-$8 each, and all of the women’s tops are $4 each. I paid $6 for the capris and $4 for the sleeveless blouse, which included the belt. Then, I spotted these cute Chadwicks sandals for $12, but all of their shoes are currently 25% off too, dropping them to $9.

I found some other bargains there too…

All of their green-tagged clothing is 75% off, making a pair of khaki shorts just $1.25.

I picked up the shorts, a pink pair of capris for $6, a grey pair of boys’ shorts (also marked 75% off $5, so $1.25) and a salmon pair of capris too that were, after many markdowns, a rockin’ $2.

And… oh yes, my daughter found her dress:

For $8, it was also a bargain.

Sears Outlet also has a new coupon for $5-off-$25 apparel purchases on their site. Love it!


  1. hwendt12 says

    You look great and I LOVE the dress-it’s so tropical!! (and so is your top!)

    You know it’s a good deal when you couldn’t even buy the FABRIC for what you paid for the item, let-alone actually MADE it! :)

  2. dolrskolr says

    … the salmon capris were a “rockin'” $2 and the tag on them in large print is KISS! Even when you’re not trying, Jill, even when you’re not trying … too funny! Hmmm, or were you seeing if anyone would catch it? In that case, too smart!

  3. Carrie77 says

    2 pairs of pants and 6 pairs of underwear today for $2.66? Heck yea!

    And … Sears said on Facebook today that the free Tuesdays will go through the end of July because they hit the 40K “fans” mark. Woohoo!

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