Sugar-Coke lovers: It’s Kosher Coca-Cola time for 2017!


It’s no secret that I am a die-hard Coca-Cola lover and that this blog has been fueled by Coke for close to a decade now.  I don’t have many vices — I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, and I don’t even drink coffee. I do, however, have one vice: Sugar-sweetened Coca-Cola. Coke fiends like myself know there are two ways to get HFCS-free Coca-Cola: Buy Cokes bottled outside the USA (Mexico, Canada) or purchase Kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola, which is made with the original, sugar-based Coke formula.

Passover 2017 has begun, and Coca-Cola’s delicious Kosher-for-Passover Coke is back in stores again for 2017! Rejoice, fellow sugar-Coke lovers.

You can recognize kosher-for-Passover Coke in stores by the yellow caps on the 2-liter bottles. Look for it in the Kosher-for-Passover food section of your store, or do what I do each year: Ask your favorite supermarket to special-order you the quantity you’d like. I have been special-ordering a year’s supply of Kosher Coke from my local Jewel-Osco store each year for at least the past ten years. 


Last week, I stopped in to place my 2017 Kosher Coke order. Over the weekend, my husband let me know that Jewel had called the house with a message: “Your elixir has arrived.” Mmm!

My local Jewel-Osco in Huntley has been so good about ordering this for me, year after year, and thankfully, they never question the large quantities of bottles I order each year too. If you cannot find yellow-capped Kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola at your store, ask about placing a special order for it. 


If you place a large order though, do your store a favor and pick it up on time after they call to say it’s in. Your staff will likely be navigating around your big cart of Cokes stashed behind the service counter until you come by to take it home, and your promptness in retrieving your order may just influence how willing your store is to place another large Coca-Cola order for you next year. 

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  1. Lisa says

    Could you post a picture of the ingredients? My daughter can’t have HFCS & is sensitive to a lot of ingredients but I’m wondering if this could be a special treat for her. She can’t have most fruits or vegetables so she can’t have juices.

  2. SSMark1 says

    Don’t forget about the white capped Pepsi for Kosher Pepsi which is in stores now for those of you on the dark side!!!

    Your order was big enough to take advantage of the triple dip wine deal on Chloe & a few other wines.
    In fact, the wine display is in your pic of 20% off when you buy 6 bottles.

    So the deal is:
    Buy 6 bottles.
    Get 20% off.
    Use $25 off coupon on groceries. (see hang tags)
    Send in MIR for $24. (see hang tags)
    With the sale, you can find buy 6 bottles after the 20% off less than $49.00

    Personally, I don’t like wine, but I do gift it away with deals like this where you come out ahead.


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