Summer Wen deals for Wen haircare lovers

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Wen summer

QVC has several specials running on Wen cleansing conditioners for June! 

First, three-packs of 16-ounce Wen cleansing conditioners are $64.92 as part of a limited-time special! You’ll get:

  •  16-fl oz Summer Mango Coconut Cleansing Conditioner,
  • 16-fl oz Summer Honey Peach Cleansing Conditioner
  • 16-fl oz Summer Coconut Lime Verbena

Head over to QVC’s site and search for item #A272783 to grab this deal while it lasts! This work out to $21.64 per bottle. Shipping is $3! This one also has an autoship option to ship you a second set at the same price.

Then, for the entire month of June, gallons of Wen are $177.00. Gallon jugs hold the equivalent of 8 16-ounce bottles of Wen. Pricewise, this works out to $22.12 per 16 ounces. (The above special is actually a little bit cheaper!) For gallons, head over to QVC’s site and search for item #A266128. 


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read full Disclosure Policy.


  1. CouponBlondie says

    Hi Jill, Thank you for the awesome heads up about Wen products. I love them. Unfortunately, when I go to the QVC site with the code #A272783, the price is $71.42. Is that another code that is needed to get the lower price for the 3 pack? Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • says

      It looks like it changed – yesterday when I posted it, the site said it was at the lower price for a limited time — the best sale we see on the 16-ouncers happens in December, but that’s a pretty good price outside of that sale. Well… the gallons are still on sale through 6/30. I will post again if I see another limited-time deal at a good price.

      • JoanneBlake says

        There are WEN 16oz 2-bottle options (A216333 & A188267) on the QVC site for $40. $20 each is a better price, 6/8/15 with 5 easy pays, single purchase or auto-delivery. One might want to consider the $3 delivery charge on the 2 bottles vs. the $3 delivery charge for the gallon….if my math is correct it is still less to have 4 deliveries of 2-each than the gallon. $40 + $3 X 4 shipments = $172. Gallon price $177 + $3 = 180.00. Also, the bigger the bottle, I find it hard to get out the last of the product. Jill, you encouraged me to be a believer in WEN.

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