Is this enough bargain laundry detergent for a year?

We’re just a few days into 2017, and I doubt I’ll be buying laundry detergent for the rest of the year! Between some amazing December detergent deals, and additional deals this week, I’ve honestly been wondering if I’ll need to buy laundry detergent again in 2017.

First, there are two good detergent deals running at CVS this week.


32-50oz. All is on sale for $3.79 or 2-for-$6. I bought seven bottles and used three $2-off-2 coupons from the 1/1 RP1 and one .50 printable. I loaded the $5-off-$20 SavingStar ecoupon too. After coupons, I paid $15.29 and got $5 ExtraBucks and $5 back from SavingStar. That’s $5.29 for seven bottles of detergent, or about .75 each!


If you prefer Tide or Gain, CVS has a good deal running on these this week as well. They’re part of the $30/$10 P&G sale at CVS. I did a deal involving 37-50oz. Tide and Crest, which is on sale for $5.34.

I bought four bottles of Tide laundry detergent (Gain is the same price in the same deal) totaling $21.36. I added three $2.99 Crest toothpastes at $2.99 each to total $30.33. I used four $2 Tide coupons from the 1/1 PG and three $2 Crest coupons. I paid $16.33 and got $10 back. That’s $6.33 for everything – like paying $2.11 each for the detergent and getting the toothpaste FREE. I also had ExtraBucks expiring this week, so this was a good deal to roll them into.

(If you don’t need the toothpaste, a six-detergent deal on Tide & Gain will drop these to $1.67 each this week after coupons and ExtraBucks! That was my original plan, but there wasn’t enough Gain on the shelf at my store to pull it off. )

We also had two great deals in December at Menards on an all-natural brand of laundry detergent, Whip-It. I’d never heard of this brand before, but Bed, Bath & Beyond sells it for $12.99 and it had good reviews, so I figured, why not? I love Menards rebates — we take home so many things at great post-rebate prices, and then I’ll roll those rebates over and use them to buy more Menards deals. During the first sale, 64-load Whip-It was on sale for $7.99 with a $7 rebate, limit four, so I got four bottles for .99 each. 

Two weeks later, Whip-It was part of a rebate again — this time on sale for $9.99 with a $9.99 rebate, limit four. In between the first rebate and the second, I opened it and started using it for our laundry, putting it to the test with some dirty garage rugs and muddy dog-paw towels. They came out nice and clean, so why not get some more? Plus, during both rebate promotions, each bottle of detergent also came with an 8 oz. bottle of Whip-It stain remover. 


So, over four deals, I now have nineteen bottles of laundry detergent (and eight bottles of stain remover, and three tubes of toothpaste!) that I ultimately paid $15.63 for. Together, this represents an incredible 832 loads of laundry!

Here in the Cataldo house, we do five or six loads of laundry a week. If I do six loads a week, I’ve got more than 138 weeks’ worth of detergent. I guess I won’t be buying detergent again this year… or next! 


  1. Fran says

    Dang, I missed both detergent deals at Menard’s! Your reviews are always spot on, so I will need to stock up the (hopefully) next time this one comes up.

    • says

      It’s hard to beat free, so I figured if it wasn’t the best, it would still be fine for washing garage and pet stuff. I’ve been using it on more things now though, and it’s fine. The detergent itself smells like eucalyptus, but the scent really doesn’t carry through to the laundry. It’s clean, but it doesn’t smell overly perfume-y.

      I haven’t tried the stain remover/pretreater yet.

  2. SSMark1 says

    This is a great time to buy.

    I’m still using Tide from Sept. 2011.
    That Walgreens money maker double dip with coupons back then was awesome.

    I’m also still going through money making Oxi-Tide from Target from 2 years ago, last year was try me free OxiClean,
    And I still have several of those little bottles of Tide Jewel had for $1, free with coupon.

    I bought the exact same 3 Crest Pro-Health at Walgreens this AM:
    3 x $2.99 = $8.97
    (3) -$2.00 Crest in 1/1/2017 PG = $2.97
    So with tax was $3.60 (My tax was 63 cents = 7% at the DuPage Wags I shop at).
    Tax is calculate before manufacturer coupons.

    Got a Register Rewards $3.00
    Got $5.97 toward the Beauty & Personal Care Bonus = almost 60 cents.
    Got 50 points in Balance Rewards = about 5 cents

    Paid $3.00 is Balance Rewards

    Paid .60 cents with my 2% cash back credit card, hey that’s one more penny I didn’t have)!

    So all in all, came out a few cents ahead when counting rewards & points.


    • says

      Well, my original plan was to get four Tides and two Gains (or two Tides and four Gains) for $32.04 at CVS – use six $2 coupons, pay $20.04 and get $10 back. $10.04 for six is $1.67 each! But, I think a lot of people are doing that deal this week, as my store didn’t have enough detergent on the shelf for me to get six. I didn’t want to risk doing a partial deal in case the shelves are empty later in the week, so I changed it up and got the toothpaste to fill in up to $30.

      The toothpaste alone is a better deal at Walgreens this week, for sure. :) I’ve just been shopping more at CVS than at Walgreens lately & would rather roll ExtraBucks.

      • SSMark1 says

        My transaction BEEPED after on the 2nd coupon today for the toothpaste.
        All 3 tubes were scanned individually.
        Of course the store manager came over & gave the cashier the OK to push through.

        I’ll hit my CVS later this week, or get a handy dandy raincheck for the ALL!
        I need more detergent like an Eskimo needs more ice & snow…


        • says

          I had the same issue with the Crest coupons at CVS today. First one was fine – the rest beeped and had to be approved. My cashier said they had been doing it since this sale began, and she thinks they might be coded 1 per transaction.

          Yes, I think I am done with detergent deals for quite some time now! Hard to pass up when the prices are so good though :)

  3. Eva says

    Thank you so much for the Tide and Gain deal! I think All is getting “all” the attention this week (LOL) but since my CVS was out I did 4 Tide 2 Gains just like you said. 6 bottles total for $32.04, used 4 $2.00 Tide and 2 $2.00 Gain coupons. Paid $20.04 and got $10 back. $10.04 for 6, $1.67 each! SCORE! =)

    • says

      You’re welcome! Glad you were able to find it on the shelf – it’s a GREAT price!

      Anyone who’s interested in this deal can also do a 3-and-3 deal, 3 Tide, 3 Gain — another good option if you didn’t get four New Year’s newspapers & inserts. :)

    • SSMark1 says

      Are good forever at CVS!!!

      But to get the SavingStar $5, you will need to purchase before the end date of that offer.

      Good luck!


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