TJ Maxx has $9.99-$14.99 Cubs World Series shirts



We Cataldos have been on a continued hunt for 2016 Cubs World Series gear! After hunting around fruitlessly for a couple days after the big win, we waited impatiently for stores to get some shirts, hats, and other gear in stock.

After one of my readers spotted Cubs World Series T-shirts at JC Penney, we headed over to check them out. I was ready to plunk down $27.95 for a shirt for myself, as I had a $10-off-$25 coupon that had come in the mail. JCP would not take the coupon though, as they said it wasn’t valid on the World Series gear. 

I was irritated with this and decided I’d get a Cubs shirt at a later date. Meanwhile, my boys also wanted Cubs World Series shirts of their own. Our household’s two resident White Sox fans even expressed interest in sporting some Cubbie blue after our historic win. (How about that!) However, the prospect of spending close to $150 on five T-shirts made this bargain-hunter cringe more than a bit.

Yesterday, my husband was out shopping and happened to wander into TJ Maxx, where they had a big display of official MLB 2016 Cubs World Series shirts! Who would have thought? Child-size shirts are $9.99, and adult-size shirts are $14.99!  

TJ Maxx had three different shirt styles — dark grey, light grey, and Cubbie blue. He bought three dark grey for the adult Cataldos, a light grey child-size for our youngest son, and a men’s small in blue for our oldest son, as the blue shirts were the only style available in 100% cotton. 




If you’re still on the hunt for 2016 World Series Cubs gear, you may want to check out TJ Maxx! After my husband arrived home with a bag full of Cubs shirts, I took a look at TJ Maxx’s site to see if these items were also available online — they’re not. Still, it’s worth a trip to the store to save amost half what these shirts are going for elsewhere. 


  1. soapboxtray says

    Thanks! I am going to stop in on my way home from work. I would NOT have thought TJ Maxx! I did see a ton of the blue ones at Costco, but my hubby is looking for gray :-)

      • soapboxtray says

        Yes they did have them at the one on my way home (Mundelein) and they are very nice quality! I picked one up for my hubby in the dark gray like in your photo. Thanks again! Great price!

        • says

          You’re welcome! Yes, we were really happy with the quality too!

          Jewel-Osco now has the World Series gear. My mom saw it & thought the shirts were $14.99 there. We checked it out and only the division playoff shirts are $14.99 – World Series shirts are still closer to $30. Something to watch though as prices drop.

  2. J.R. says

    Thanks for this tip. Got shirts for both my wife & Daughter. We didn’t see anything for 9.99, but lots of 14.99 merchandise.

    BTW, Ross also has Cubs world champion stuff for 14.99

    Still looking for a BLUE (not black like we found) hat.

    • says

      The $9.99 are the children’s sizes — I noted that above: “Child-size shirts are $9.99, and adult-size shirts are $14.99”

      I was just at Meijer this morning, and they have the same shirts for $22.99, Buy One Get One 50% off.

  3. seachicago says

    Cubs World Series t-shirts at Costco (South Loop): short sleeve, child & adult sizes, for $4.97. Long sleeve men’s/unisex for $6.97. Had an entire table full of them this morning, and they were putting out more.

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