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    I will try to get a post with photos up later, but I ran around on a toy-hunting spree today (as I do every January around this time) to see if I could find toy clearances.

    Both the Crystal Lake and Algonquin Target stores have some toys on clearance 50%-70% off. Crystal Lake has more aisle and endcap space devoted to clearance than Algonquin does. Meijer also has toys 50-70% off right now.

    Crystal Lake finds: The Lion Guard animated plush figure (talks, seemed to be motion activated as they all started chattering when I walked by!) are $8.98 each at 70% off. Barbie Dreamtopia Castles (like the Barbie Dream House, but a 3′ tall castle) were $99.99 and are now $29.98. My Little Pony Canterlot High play set is $8.98 down from $29.99. LOTS of Star Wars and Marvel figures on endcaps in the $2.98-$9.99 range. I saw the Disney Princesses Royal Dreams Castle there too priced at $49.99 down from $99.99 – it is another big 3′ castle for the 12″ Princess dolls. I really wanted to get that for my nieces, but it was priced higher than the Barbie version, so I bought Barbie. I bought two Barbie Princess dolls (one has Rapunzel-length hair, and the other’s chest lights up with LEDs inside – I laughed!) for $5.98 each and a Ken for $3.88. I got some $5.98 Marvel figure sets too. I also picked up a MInecraft paper folding craft set for $4.86, down from $10.98.

    At Algonquin Target: Guess what, the Disney Princess 3′ castle is $29.98 at this Target, so I bought that and will return the Barbie castle. (I learned today that Target does not allow you to buy an item and return it to a different store in the same day, even though these two stores are maybe 15 minutes apart..!) This store did not have nearly as many items on clearance though and had more girl toys than boy.

    At Algonquin Meijer: They have a bunch of toys 50-70% off, and through Saturday, the three-day sale takes an extra 30% off clearance toys. Many Lego sets are 50% off. I got a $12.99 Lego set for $6.50, minus another $1.30 for the 30% off (now $5.20.) I got a large $59.99 Star Wars Lego set for $30, with another $6 off for the 30% — paid $24. I’m really excited about that one :)

    I also saw the same My Little Pony playset I picked up for my nieces for $8.98 at Target on clearance at Meijer for $19-something. Target’s price was much better.

    Clothing has an extra 20% off clearance at Meijer too for the three-day sale. There are tons of men’s flannel pajama pants on clearance for $5, and I paid $4 after the 20% off. I found a small $20 purse on clearance for $8, and the 20% off took another $2.40 off. Score for $5.60!

    For what it’s worth, the Algonquin Meijer DID have the .99 Oscar Mayer Zip Pak lunchmeats too (.24 after coupon this week!) but every package in the case expired Jan. 12 or Jan. 18! Hopefully they will get some more with later dates over the course of this sale.



    Meijer had old inventory on hand for the last sale on Oscar Mayer Zip Pak lunchmeats as well.

    You can freeze them, & use as needed.

    Some Walgreens STILL have some nice stuff at 90% off!


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