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    Let’s face it, the deals aren’t as they were these last few years.
    Same coupons cycle every few weeks.
    Many people are switching to Aldi.
    Whole Foods see it, & although I haven’t visited a 365 Whole Foods, it sounded like a place I’d check out.
    Aldi’s competitor Lidl is opening stores on the East coast as well.

    My cousin worked for the Aldi corporate office for many years in Geneva, IL.
    I’d always hear of new stores, & new products added, but not much in changing of the format.
    I was happy when they started taking credit cards last year, since I usually don’t have a lot of cash on me.

    Take a look at the pic in this article, I hope the ones in our area will look this this soon:




    You are not kidding about couponing not being as much as it use to be. I even have a difficult time just printing them due to upgrades in security and their not recognizing my work computer. We actually have a newer styled Aldi’s in Crystal Lake (they decided to move from an older store and build new) and it is a big difference indeed. Much more room for fresh produce and room to move around.

    When I met my husband in 1993, he introduced me to Aldi shopping. He was able to live on $25 a week shopping there eating Buddig type of lunchmeat and Oncor type frozen dinners, instant potatoes and frozen veggies. It would be more like $50 now a days. I have since supplemented my couponing purchases from Jewel and Woodmans by going to Aldi so i don’t have to be convinced on perks of shopping there. I am very impressed with the selection of products over the past five years. I use to even get christmas shopping done there when the kids were little as many household and toy specials are 1/3 the price of anywhere else.

    What I found interesting in the article you reference is there are still items at Walmart that are less expensive than at Aldi’s. About six-months ago I went to Walmart (Crystal Lake, IL) and did a price comparison from my most recent purchases and found Walmart to be very high in pricing, even with coupons. My mom and sister shop there often and even had their most recent Walmart receipt to check again Jewel and Woodman’s as we do buy different food items. Still Walmart was much higher in pricing food.

    I do shop Walmart for many nonfood items but I guess people don’t mind paying more for the food out of shear convenience.



    I ONLY cherry pick deals at our Walmarts.

    To me that means FREE or next to FREE. (Coupons, rebate apps like Ibotta, Co51, etc.)

    I NORMALLY do NOT shop at Chicago area Walmarts (as well as most other Walmarts in metropolitan areas).
    I DO shop at Walmarts in more rural areas since they are cheaper than small town grocery stores.

    Recently, I did go to a HUGE Walmart Supercenter in North Lauderdale, Florida (on McNab Rd) that I liked, but most in South Florida are HORRIBLE! Groceries in South Florida are much more money than in the Chicago area. EXAMPLES: The CVSs don’t do the 99 cent ECBs milk deal, this month, it’s about $2.69 a gallon! Bananas are 69 cents a pound at most grocery stores. I always use those 2 items as indicators on the general pricing of fresh items. Meat is over priced as well vs. our area.

    Same thing this month in Las Vegas… VERY HIGH PRICES!
    Be glad Chicago is one of the BEST areas for groceries.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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