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    As couponers we use a lot of websites that require some sort of registration, including this one.
    I have STUPIDLY used the same password on EVERYTHING just about, to make things easier on me.
    Someone charged some things to my PayPal account and also someone posted something from my craigslist account. I just spent some major time I could have used writing up more deals for myself trying to fix this mess.
    Please write down the websites you register on, and maybe keep a hidden list of the passwords and make them DIFFERENT from each other. And especially, use different passwords for general access than for anything linked to a credit card or bank account.
    It’s a chilling feeling not knowing where the leak happened and knowing I re-used the same password probably 100 times.
    I don’t mean to scare anyone, I just know people on this site like to save money, not only at the grocery store but from being stolen as well . . .

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