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    Checkout51 and Ibotta each have $1.50 off any Quorn (meatless, soy-less) product.

    various options:
    – Jewel is not in the Ibotta, but local store has ~10oz chi’ken nuggets on sale for $3 (i think), from normal price of $4.99.
    – Target is in there, but website indicates only 1 product (chi’ken cutlets) at 1 store remotely nearby: the Hillside location. no clue on price. maybe you can enjoy a faux-chicken dinner while visiting one of the town’s many cemeteries?
    – Mariano’s is in there, and multiple local stores supposedly carry brand. but i’ve never shopped there, and don’t know the price.
    – Tony’s is not in the Ibotta (or any for that matter; probably too small a chain), and has a bunch of them, mostly at $4.99. the local store has 9.9oz 4-count Turk’y Burgers (just the meat replacement, not full sandwiches) on clearance for $2.89 (formerly $3.99). i found myself thinking, “well, turkey normally sells at a discount to other meats … wait, NONE OF THEM are meat!!”. did work on Checkout51 (my first try with this chain), but took a little persistence, as local store oddly didn’t put chain name atop receipt (but it’s still contained in their website address).
    – no trace of Quorn on, but local store has 5.9oz Gourmet Pub Cheeseburger (this one a sandwich with bread and cheese) for $2.46. maybe discrepancy because “New!” on package? Walmart is in Ibotta.

    so all told, i got 15.8oz of food (probably 12oz or so of that being the meat substitute) for $2.35 total. will be interesting to see how they taste. i’m content with the discounts separately, but if you stack them (as i could’ve done with Walmart if not buying from Tony’s), the savings get huge.

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