My mom always said…

… you can never have too many pieces of Corning Ware. (And Mom, you are right!)

It’s a good thing too, because after cooking two turkeys down into soup stock today, I ended up with seven 3-quart Corning Ware dishes to freeze…plus the pot we ate for dinner! Are you enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers as much as I am? I’m thankful that I have enough freezer space to hold all of these!

UPDATE: I wrote another post detailing why I love Corning Ware so much. Read it here.


  1. jenni4c1 says

    I did the same today, but my turkey soup is always lacking. Do you have a recipe for great turkey soup to share? Thanks for being a blessing to so many, Jenni

  2. kensbaby93 says

    Made creamy turkey and rice soup and Turkey pot pie topped with left over mashed potatoes. I think we are officially done with turkey left overs!!!

  3. Cathy S says

    Really, you can freeze food in corning ware?

    I just made turkey ala king with my thanksgiving leftovers. Two weeks ago we tried brining a turkey, it tasted like salty lunchmeat not my favorite, but it made decent soup. I’m done with turkey too.