Walgreens releases official statement on Balance Rewards: Register Rewards will continue

I've received a news release from Walgreens regarding their upcoming Balance Rewards points program. According to this, Register Rewards promotions will continue:

Online enrollment for Balance Rewards will begin after Labor Day on Thursday, September 6. Beginning that day, customers can join Balance Rewards online at Walgreens.com/balance or via the Walgreens mobile app. The national launch of Balance Rewards remains Sunday, September 16. That’s when customers can easily enroll in-store, online or via the mobile app and begin earning points and special savings, and start redeeming rewards.

We’ve received a lot of questions about Register Rewards and have seen a lot of misinformation about the program online. To clarify, Register Rewards will continue in its current form for the foreseeable future. Register Rewards is a couponing program while Balance Rewards is a comprehensive loyalty program that offers exclusive savings and the opportunity to earn points and instantly redeem rewards. We hope you will join Balance Rewards in September and experience the many features of the program for yourself.

For those taking advantage of the online enrollment period, Walgreens is running the Balance Rewards 10 Million Point Giveaway September 6 - 15th. During this time, customers who join Balance Rewards online or through the mobile app will have a chance to enter to win. Customers can earn additional entries into the sweepstakes by referring friends and family to the program. 10 Grand Prize Winners will each win 1 million points in their Balance Rewards account that can be redeemed at Walgreens stores, Walgreens.com, or Duane Reade stores.

Walgreens also sent over a fact sheet about the new program, which I've resized into a graphic below:

Are you guys signing up for

Are you guys signing up for this or not?

I am

I will still shop at Walgreens - they're not getting rid of RRs (yet, anyway) and there are still deals I do there that don't involve RRs, you know? Yes, I'm signing up.

Sounds like CVS

When you shop at CVS you get ECB in store and then it accumulates to your card and then you can earn extra care savings. This sounds like the same thing. Great another card to carry in my wallet. I will have to get a separate coin purse just for my "Savings Cards". :)

I already have myself...

Purchased a card holder from Walgreens with RRs. They are for business cards so I have a green one for loyalty cards and a pink one for doctors, etc. This was after I determined my wallet's life span was getting less by having all these loyalty cards in it.

Another Card

Walgreens offers you the option of going "cardless". You don't have to get, or carry a card. You'll be able to apply your purchases to your Balance Rewards account simply by keying in your phone number on the store's debit machines.

I was told by my cashier 2 or

I was told by my cashier 2 or 3 weeks ago that RR were not ending. She said that was the info given to them by their mananger. I didn't pass this info on; I really figured it was false info or a misunderstanding. Hoping the above info is correct!!

It came from the source...

... and it doesn't mean they will remain -forever- -- remember the internal documents posted back in May showing Register Rewards being eliminated? Hopefully that's quite a ways off...


Nothing is forever, especially in business.

rr and points

since they bought out the usa drugs i wonder when this will be in those stores.
i still am not sure if the points will be worth it.