Walgreens Deals of the Week: 9/29/13 - 10/5/13

Here are your Walgreens coupon matchups and weekly deals for Chicago and the rest of the USA...

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Top deals:
.06 Pantene haircare, .44 Butterball turkey bacon, .49 Crest mouthwash, .99 Nice eggs, $1.25 Mars Minis, $1.49 Scope, $1.49 Xtra laundry detergent, $1.50 Welch's jelly, $1.99 Advil, $2.49 Sparkle paper towels

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Pantene shampoo, conditioner, treatment or stylers 12.6oz. - 2-for-$7
- Buy shampoo, get conditioner or styler FREE - 9/15 SS
- $3 off 2 - 9/29 PG
- $2 off 2 - printable
- $1 off styler - printable
- $3 off 3 - 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)
- $1.50 off 2 - - 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)

Gillette Venus or Fusion Proglide razors - $9.99
- $3 off - 9/29 PG, 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!), 8/11 RP (exp. 9/30!)

Charmin Ultra 16 double roll - $9.99
- $1 off - 9/29 PG, 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)
- .25 off - 9/29 PG, 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)

Bounty 8-roll paper towel - $9.99
- .25 off - 9/29 PG, 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)

Duracell AA or AAA batteries 12ct. Quantum or 16ct. Coppertop - $10.99
- .50 off - 9/19 PG, 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)

Tide laundry detergent 48-64 load - $11.99
- $2 off - 9/29 PG
- $3 off 3 - 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)
- $5 off 3 - 9/29 PG
- $1.50 off 2 - 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)
- .50 off - 9/29 PG, 9/15 RP, 9/1 PG (exp. 9/30!)

DEAL IDEAS: Buy nine total Pantene - four shampoo, four conditioners or stylers and one styler. Use two $3-off-2 insert coupons on the shampoo, four "Buy Shampoo, Get Conditioner Free" on the conditioners/stylers and one $1 printable on the last styler. Pay $10.50 and get a $10 Register Reward! That's nine Pantenes for .50, or less than .06 per bottle!

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Pantene deal at Wags

Just want to say I did the Pantene deal at Wags in West Chicago. I did get a register beep on two of the BOGO coupons -- "coupon does not match item" so it must be a register flaw. The cashier checked that everything matched up correctly, which it did so the deal went through just as Jill described, so yes, it does work. Hope this helps!

Pantene Deal at Walgreens

I just got shot down on the Pantene deal. Register beeped on the $3 off 2. Manager was called and said I could not use the BOGO coupons AND the $3 off 2. Wasn't worth the battle. I'll go to CVS later and save the trouble!


Loaded coupon policy on my smartphone (thanks Jill!) and went to a different Walgreens. Nice cashier, at first, told me the BOGO coupons were for 8 items. Offered the coupon policy on my phone and she put them in manually. Reward did not print! Apparently I grabbed two Pantenes that were 2 for $4.98 instead of 2 for $7 and I did not meet the $30 mark. The kindly cashier voided the order, rerang it with an extra Pantene I took off the shelf and VOILA! Jill thanks for all you do! I'll get better at this or die trying!!!


It DOES get easier. Sometimes we do find ourselves educating our stores on their own policies though..! Hang in there :)

Policy says yes

The coupon may beep, but it is correct usage according to both Walgreens and CVS' policies. Hope you have better luck at CVS!

Walgreens Policy

Would you please post the Walgreens coupon policy, I can't find it on their website. I want to do the Pantene deal, but I want to go in with all the info. Thanks :)

There's a link along the left side of the site...

where all of the most current policies are posted-HTH!!


Thanks, I didn't even see it. Now I have the correct info. :)

You're welcome!

Helping each other out is what it's all about! :) Good luck!