Walgreens rolls out new rewards card program to employees – public “soft launch” begins two weeks from today

As you probably know by now, Walgreens is phasing out Register Rewards in favor of a points-card system. The soft launch for this program is scheduled to begin two weeks from today, on September 2nd. Walgreens employees began their own launch three days ago.

The following information comes from a local Walgreens manager (name withheld:)

There is to be an employee only run for the first month, starting 8/16. Soft launch 9/2. National launch 9/16.

Their goal is for each store to enroll 50 people per day per store, 30M members at year-end, 63M members by Sept. 2013.

IVC’s will need card to use, from my understanding all sales prices will be activated by card. The stores will NOT have a store card to use and employees may not use their cards for customers (terminable offense – employee’s cards have their employee discount attached.)

Information REQUIRED to obtain card: first name, last name, zip code, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth.
The ‘how to’ or ‘what to do if’ section (geared towards employees to get customers to enroll) has 3 levels of pressuring for info before escalating to store manager. Doesn’t state how manager should handle.


  1. AuntDiane says

    My favorite thing about Walgreens is NOT having a card. There are so many shopping cards on my keychain, it is ridiculous! And why do they need my phone number and birthday?

  2. firegod97 says

    I bet one big reason they are also doing this is to limit the number of deals some people do. I went to one store near me a couple of months ago (can’t remember what the deal was) and they were out. Cashier stated that one woman that morning had wiped out he whole inventory, one item at a time to get the RR. They will now be able to impose limits like CVS.