launches “My Weekly Ad”

Disclosure: I am a CVS ambassador blogger selected by CVS to represent their brand. I received an iPad Mini from CVS/pharmacy to review the “My Weekly Ad” feature of All opinions on “My Weekly Ad” are my own.

There’s a new ad in town… and it’s’s “My Weekly Ad!”

Today, CVS launched a personalized version of their weekly ad. If you’re already registered at, you can log in and check it out right now. (If not, you can sign up for a free account, then link your ExtraCare card to it.)

My Weekly Ad uses you CVS purchase history to deliver a personalized version of the weekly ad to you! It bumps the products that you buy most to the front of your personal weekly ad, letting you know when your favorite products are on sale. CVS says:

CVS/pharmacy today launched a completely new way to browse the weekly sales circular called myWeekly Ad. myWeekly Ad reinvents the traditional circular – instead of 45 million people checking one circular to see all the same sales and deals on the front page and inside, those 45 million people can access their own version of the weekly sales ad – and each of you will see the deals and sale items for the week that matter most to you! You’ll be able to easily find the best deals on your favorite, frequently-purchased products, as well as create detailed, sharable shopping lists and even quickly scan all the items you can buy to earn circular ExtraBucks Rewards that week.

To celebrate the launch, CVS invited me to play with the new ad & sent over a “special surprise” to celebrate the launch of My Weekly Ad. What was in the box?

An iPad Mini! (That was indeed a wonderful surprise! Thank you, CVS!)

So, let’s check out the new My Weekly Ad together…

When I logged in for the first time, I was presented with a list of CVS stores in my area. I tapped to choose my local store.

My Weekly Ad then presented me with a list of items that are on sale this week that I have also purchased within the past six to eighteen months:

I laughed when I saw some of the things on my six-month list. It’s so representative of my couponer habits, isn’t it? Explanations:

  • Gold Emblem Pistachios: I bought these a couple weeks ago when I had $5 in ExtraBucks expiring!
  • CVS Cold Cream: I got a coupon from the “Magic Coupon Machine” for $5 off any CVS-brand skincare product & used it on this
  • Softsoap body wash: It was on sale for $1.99 with a store coupon a few weeks ago
  • M&Ms: Yes, I do a lot of M&M deals at CVS. Now everyone knows!

Switching over to view the last 18 months worth of my purchases that correspond to this week’s sales reveals:

  • Gillette Razors: Free from some coupon deal, I’m sure!
  • Nuance Cacao & Coffee Firming Cream: I like this stuff, and it kept my legs shorts-ready all summer.
  • CVS Travel Size Sunscreen: This was free after ExtraBucks last fall, if I remember correctly
  • CVS Gummy Swirl Vitamins: I had a store coupon for $2 off any CVS vitamins & paid $1.99 for these
  • Stayfree: These were on sale B1G1F back in January, and don’t you know… there were B1G1F coupons in the paper…
  • Starbucks Beverage: Free after ExtraBucks earlier this year.
  • Nuance AM/PM Anti Aging Super Cream: My favorite product in the Nuance line. They were kind enough not to show exactly how many tubs of this I’ve purchased, or I would have logged in and seen a screen filled with little black-and-white jars…
  • Nuance Anti-Aging Eye Cream: Guilty again. Can’t they just pipe this stuff into my bathroom? It’s the best!
  • Duracell batteries: Part of a good ExtraBucks deal last year, as I recall
  • Gillette Fusion razor: If I bought it, it was a good deal, so I must have paid under $3.

Looking at the grey bar of tabs at the top of the screen, you can also browse the current week’s ad by category or promotion. Here, I chose to view only the ExtraBucks deals for the week:

Of course, you can still view the entire CVS ad each week traditionally. But My Weekly Ad gives you a fast and easy way to see if the products you buy most frequently are on sale this week. (And it’s fun to peek at your purchase history & see what you’ve been buying at CVS for the past year and a half!)

I will be visiting CVS headquarters again this year for their annual bloggers’ event this month, and I’ll have other exciting CVS news to share soon…

Disclaimer: I am a CVS ambassador blogger selected by CVS to represent their brand. I received an iPad Mini from CVS/pharmacy to review the “My Weekly Ad” feature of All opinions on “My Weekly Ad” are my own.


  1. GreenTea22 says

    My favorite store manager gave me a head’s up on this and I was excited. However, after checking it out I have two small issues. One is that I’m seeing products that I never buy (i.e. soda and candy) featured prominently. Secondly, I don’t see a button or tab to get back to the old view of the regular ad. Maybe I am missing it? I think with a bit of work, this could be a nice feature.

  2. Meow313 says

    Thank you so much for posting the link for the traditional CVS ad. I always like to check out the actual printed ad before I shop and when I saw this new so-called “feature” it was worthless to me! I simply want to see what is on sale, not a list of items that they think I might be interested in. This was about as pathetic as some of the things that I find on my “personalized” Dominicks JFU!