Recipe: Campfire Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake

Campfire Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake

I love cooking with my cast-iron Dutch oven over an open fire. Dutch ovens are great for making “Dump Cakes,” meaning, you dump everything into the oven, close it up, and let it bake. My boys made their own Dump Cake during our weekend campout — so simple and so delicious. They’d like to share their recipe with you!


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Campfire Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake Serves 8-10 You will need:

    • One yellow or white cake mix
    • One can of Sierra Mist, Sprite, or another lemon-lime soda
    • Two cans of apple pie filling
    • Aluminum foil

Start a fire, and wait until you have a nice bed of hot coals. (You can also use charcoal, which is what we did.) Line the Dutch oven with aluminum foil for easier cleanup.
Pour the cake mix into a mixing bowl, and add the entire can of pop.
Stir until it’s well-mixed — it will be bubbly!
(The fresh peas from our garden that are on the table are not part of this recipe, but they’re fun to snack on while you’re making a cake!)
Empty both cans of pie filling into the Dutch Oven and spread into a level layer.
Pour the contents of the mixing bowl over the apples.
Spread into a level layer and close the Dutch Oven.
Take a few moments to lick all of the utensils used to prepare the cake.
Set the Dutch Oven in a fire pit over a hot bed of coals. Add 10-12 hot coals to the lid of the oven.
Allow cake to bake. After about 30 minutes, begin checking the cake for doneness. (If you use a lid lifter, you can leave the coals on the lid while peeking inside.) Ours took about 40 minutes to bake. Use a camp shovel or tongs to remove the hot coals or ashes from the lid. Remove the Dutch Oven from the heat.
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Open the Dutch Oven and serve hot. So easy, and so good!




  1. hwendt12 says

    unless you’re camping without a freezer! ;)

    Looks yummy, guys-NICE JOB!!!!!

  2. letsshop says

    Can’t imagine using that in a cake !looks good might try but using a oven instead !
    Must be so much fun with kids helping with the baking (: