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The NWI Times has a story about my class at Purdue University this past weekend:

‘Super Coupon’ queen cuts to the saving chase

Everything about the “old” way of shopping for groceries is wrong, according to “Super Coupon” queen Jill Cataldo.

Instead, “stockpiling,” “stacking,” and surfing the Internet are just a few ways that shoppers can really save money on groceries and other household items — and many times, even get items for free.

Relaying the secrets of “super couponing” at Purdue North Central on Saturday morning, Cataldo told her audience of about 75 that saving money is easy by doing a little homework.Read more…

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  • prea04. May, 2009

    You are everywhere these days! So glad you still have time for your blog, don’t know what we’d do without you!

    Good article. I don’t know who “Mad Max” is, (he/she posted a comment below the article), but obviously he/she has never been to one of your classes, because if he/she had, the comment would have been totally different. Amazing at how people can comment when they don’t know what they’re talking about!