Spot any good post-summer gear clearances?

I stopped into the Crystal Lake Dominick’s today to get cheap pork chops, scallops and Nature Valley (sold out of Dole Squish’Ems, but I got a raincheck.) The deal I was most delighted about though greeted me as soon as I walked in the front door:

Six-foot beach umbrellas for $3.75 – 75% off! What a nice find! I took this photo after I got mine from the display, and there were quite a few left in the box when I left the store. They’re nice umbrellas too with a sunblocking zinc coating on the back side of the fabric and a screw base to twist them into the ground. If you’re not in my area, definitely keep your eyes open at your Dominick’s. They had a lot of other summer things 75% off too – outdoor toys, plastic tableware, inflatable pool tubes, etc.

Have you spotted any great seasonal summer-clearance finds lately?


  1. sportnfood says

    I was Walgreens and found a few spring folding pool floats and a Disney princess ball and mitt for my daughter who has 3older brothers and really needs pink stuff! They had their clearance at 50-75% off. BTW my Dominick’s was out of Squishems too! This time I got a rain check! So proud of myself for remembering!

  2. Outlander says

    Just curious guys, how many Squishums are they putting on your raincheck?

    And I did see some lovely tableware at my Dom. I actually bought some stuff last week, but forgot to mention it.