A week without (much) blogging…


The past few days have been quieter around my blog than things normally are. This wasn’t my intention.

Recently, I received an invitation to the 2016 Disney Social Media Moms annual conference (#DisneySMMC) at Walt Disney World. You may recall that in 2015 I also attended this incredible event for parents who blog.  I was shocked, surprised, and delighted to receive another invite! As with last year’s conference, our family extended the trip into a longer Disney vacation, and for the past week we’ve been in Florida making more memories.

In preparation for our trip, I scheduled some blog posts and planned to work on others while on the road. For the past eight years, any family vacation we’ve taken has included me spending several hours of each day in the hotel room working on my blog while the rest of my family was off playing, dining, and enjoying the destination we’d traveled to. I’m extremely committed to posting articles, matchups, and stories for you every week, and it’s never my intention to leave you hanging.

Midway through the trip, we switched resorts. That same evening, my computer became infected with a virus. I’m still not sure how it happened — my best guess is that I somehow picked it up a public wifi connection. The virus crippled my laptop, completely blocking my access to websites and preventing me from sending email. In between visiting Disney parks, dining, and having fun, I was working on the laptop and trying to remove the virus. (It slipped right through my Norton AntiVirus that I update each and every week – how about that.) 

I finally got the virus completely cleared last night, so I’m in catch-up mode and will resume my regular posting schedule shortly. In the weeks ahead, I’ll also have lots of updates on everything new and exciting that’s happening at Walt Disney World.

Thank you for your patience over the past few days. After frantic weekend computer repair efforts, I started to feel the message loud and clear that I was being forced to set my laptop aside and spend more time with my family. That family time was incredibly precious to me, and my children loved having their mama spending every minute of every day with them. We played, we swam, we dined all over the World… and we also ran around it! The above photo was taken during my boys’ first #RunDisney event, a 5:45am sunrise run (1.2 miles) around Epcot’s World Showcase.

Taking a break from my blog is something I likely wouldn’t have done on my own, and in a way, I’m grateful, as this made me enjoy the remaining days of our trip even more.

In the meantime, for a preview of some of our Disney adventures, take a peek at my Instagram account.

Photo credit: Preston Mack/Disney.


  1. soapboxtray says

    Your boys look so big! Your pictures look super fun! I did the Disney Marathon in 2014 and hoping that my Mr. 13 and I will do in 2018 together, If you are going to do a big run there is no place like Disney!

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