Clearance-hunting again at Jewel-Osco


I headed over to Jewel today to get some of the Two Day Sale items, and I ended up spotting some good sale and clearance items to share with you.

First, I was planning to buy the 21.6oz. Gain dish detergents that are 3-for-$5 this week. However, when I got to the detergent aisle, I saw that the larger, 24-ounce bottles of Gain dish detergent are on clearance for .88! That’s already a great price, but with .25 printable coupons, I paid .63 per bottle. I’m assuming they’re clearancing out these larger bottles because the product’s been downsized.


Prefer Dawn? I saw several varieties of 18-ounce Dawn dish detergent on clearance as well. With the .25 coupon from the 2/26 PG, these will be $1.23. 

Update: Reader Lisa points out that MyMixx has a $1 ecoupon for Dawn greater than 18 ounce sizes — it will drop one of these to .48! (I used this ecoupon earlier this month during a P&G deal, but perhaps you can grab some bargain Dawn!)


Does your Jewel have a “dollar store” aisle? That’s what I call it, anyway — a lot of smaller sized or smaller-brand products that sell for $1.00. In this aisle, I spotted 9-ounce bottles of Dawn Ultra marked down to .78. You can’t use a coupon on these as they’re labeled “Trial Size,” but if you’re the kind of person who buys these with a coupon when they’re a buck, they’re about at post-coupon, “deal” price here. Of course, the 18-ounce clearance Dawn is a better deal if your store has those.



In this aisle, I also spotted 60ct. cupcake papers on clearance for .58. I grabbed some, as I just used all of ours up making cupcakes for our church bake sale last week. (Isn’t it funny how you sometimes find another deal right after you run out of an item? )



Lastly, not a clearance, but something to keep an eye out for: Selected Kraft cheeses are on sale 3-for-$5 this week. I spotted $1 peelies on the smoky bacon cheddar flavor, making it .67! That’s a bargain.

I can also tell you that I came right home and made a grilled cheese sandwich with it for lunch. Tasty!



Our store seems to be reorganizing their clearance too. All of the clearance Febreze Air Effects sprays from last week were moved to a shelf in the back of the store and are now priced between .79 and $1.25 each. If you haven’t used the $1 ecoupon on MyMixx, you could get these free or cheap!


  1. dancingwolves says

    I’m jealous…being an avid clearance shopper I am finding that the Jewels I frequent really are bad on either pricing their clearance or having weird items or nothing at all.. Might be tempted to drive farther to Huntley to scoop up some of the deals in your neck of the woods.

    • says

      Come on out! I never know what I will find there, but I am a clearance junkie too — the hunt is part of the fun of shopping there. Right now we seem to have a lot of stuff on clearance right in the aisles vs. on an endcap. Definitely spend some time in the dish/cleaning aisle, the “dollar store” area over by the pet department, and the back of the store by the fridge cases, where all the clearance Febreze cans and candles are at the moment.

    • says

      Thank you! I do not have it, but I remember now that I used it during a deal earlier this month on Swiffer refills — I got a bottle of Dawn as a filler to get up to the threshold for that deal. I will update my post for others that might find these…

  2. Calibabydolly says

    Take a look at the new “non trial sized” bottles of Dawn. I saved a picture off of Kroger Krazy to show you as she shows them 75c for the small 8 oz. bottle using that P&G 25c coupon because at Kroger they are on sale for $1 right now. I am floored they reduced these by another ounce! It isn’t THAT concentrated. I will try to email the pic because I cannot insert it into this comment.

  3. cassie says

    Pringles! Bought 3 for an upcoming bus trip for DD and she noticed at the check out that one can was taller than the other 2. 5.96z vs 5.5oz

    She was not happy to see that downsizing,

  4. seachicago says

    I was just ready to leave a tip about the 67 cent Kraft cheese! That *is* a bargain, and I just bought a couple, so I’m glad to hear they’re good (but really, how bad could smoky bacon cheddar be?!!).

    Look for $1 McCormick peelies on the 77 cent eggs. There were 3 different ones: $1/off 4 dry seasoning packets, $1 off 1 food coloring or extract, and I forgot what the other one was! :-)

    Also, the Ice Mountain 1L Sparkling Water, on sale for 50 cents, seems to be generating a catalina. I bought 4, and got a cat for 75 cents off another 4. I went back to buy 4 more, but didn’t get another cat—possibly because the catalina machine didn’t seem to be working (flashing red light).

    • says

      Thank you for the Ice Mountain info — I knew of one on Poland Spring, which has the same parent company (just branded differently for a different part of the country.) That one ends on 4/16/17, so it’s very likely the Ice Mountain could be too.

      EDIT: I just re-read your post, and on first read I thought you’d gotten a OYNO Catalina, but I see that it was a .75-off-4 coupon Catalina. Those don’t always repeat on a 2nd transaction (unfortunately!)

  5. Calibabydolly says

    My store didn’t even sell the Kraft bacon cheese. I did notice a few 55c/1 cpns. on the sliced Swiss kind, but the cpns expired Jan. 31st! I then checked the expiration date on the cheese and it is Apr. 5th. How lame is that those coupons are still there? I also found some expired coupons on some bottles of Nature Made vitamins at Target the other day. That irks me to no end!

  6. says

    3/23 Update: We ended up going back to Jewel today as my kids won free donut coupons from the Monopoly game with yesterday’s tickets, so they wanted to get them! We headed over after school, so here’s an update on these Huntley clearance items:

    – The .88 Gain dish detergent is now sold out. There are still quite a few $1.48 18-ounce Dawn detergents on clearance, all leon scent. Today, a green variety of 18-ounce Dawn is also on clearance for $1.79. The smaller 9-ounce .78 Dawns in the dollar aisle look untouched.

    – Clearance cupcake papers are sold out

    – Febreze Air Effects and Air Wick Life Scents air freshener sprays dropped to .79 – $1.25 depending on scent. If you haven’t used the $1 Febreze ecoupon on MyMixx, you can get one free or cheap!

    – We also grabbed the free MyMixx Teddy cakes. They had plenty in stock.

    – Our store is now completely sold out of Bacon Cheddar Kraft slices… I’m not surprised :D

  7. feelgood says

    My Jewel had about 12 packages of the Kraft Bacon Cheddar slices, but someone took off all the $1 peelies. Just the recipe part underneath was showing.

    The cheese would have been 67c each with the peelie, how can somebody be so cheap to steal all the peelies and not buy the product? I’m sure they’ll never see the product priced lower than what it is now at 3 for $5.

    • assassin says

      my store had this too. coupons only remained on 2 of them. i was equally baffled; my first thought was saving for later expiration date, but these packs are good well into June. while whoever did it is a scumbag, they do have peeling skills; i couldn’t do mine without tearing the heck out of it. Kraft needs to learn that if you’re going to use super-sticky glue, the coupon needs some plastic coating on it. unless they expect customers to bring home the coupon on-package, and use a steaming iron on it?

      and to Coupon Maven: great find. because of all the missing coupons, i probably wouldn’t have noticed and/or dug through these without seeing your post.

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