What happens when a Coke lover tries Pepsi 1893?


Did you get a free can of Pepsi 1893 at Jewel-Osco this weekend? I ran to the store yesterday to get some other items, and even though I’m a die-hard Coca-Cola girl (which of course, you’ve known for years and years)… free is free, so the Pepsi 1893 came home with us.

My husband’s been kind of curious about this new “craft soda” from Pepsi featuring kola nut extract and real sugar. I put the can in the refrigerator and forgot about it until dinnertime, when my youngest son spotted it in there. 

“What’s this?” he said.

My husband replied, “A can of Pepsi from 1893.”

My son wrinkled up his nose and “Eiwwww! It’s got to be FLAT.”

ha, ha ha. Funny, isn’t he?

At dinner, we popped the can open and split it five ways so everyone could try. It’s been a long time since I had a Pepsi, but Pepsi 1893 doesn’t taste that much different than regular Pepsi. It’s sugar-sweetened, which I prefer in any soft drink, but I also thought it was super, super-sweet. (Full disclosure: My Coke bias was undoubtedly rearing its preference here. This was really, over-the-top sweet to me.)

Pepsi 1893 also didn’t seem quite as carbonated as a regular soft drink — everyone in the family noticed this. 

A 12-ounce can split five ways meant that we each had just over two ounces of 1893 to sip on. We all agreed that it was interesting, but I don’t think it’s worth a dollar a can. Plus… it’s Pepsi. You all know where my soft drink love lies and what I’ve got a big stash of in my garage right now. 

Afterward, my son slid his cup forward and said, “Now, can I have some Coke?”


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