A bargain-priced idea for luggage organization

A few months ago, when I went on the All American RV Blogger Tour, one of the gifts I received was a set of Eagle Creek Pack-Its, which are small zipper bags that you can use inside a suitcase to organize socks, underwear and other items:

The lightweight bags are made of nylon. After using these a few times since then, I’ve found that I really like them – they seem well-made, and they keep the inside of my suitcase from becoming a wild mess of belongings! However, this set of three bags sells for close to $40. We went to Ikea over the weekend, and I spotted a cool four-piece set of “UPPTACKA” travel organization bags in the store:

Now, while these bags are definitely of a different style, the price is different too… this set of Ikea travel bags was just .99!

The Ikea bag set has two drawstring bags and two zipper bags. One zipper bag has a mesh side so you can view what’s inside, and the other zipper bag is made from a thick vinyl, presumably for carry-on toiletries. The Ikea set usually sells for $5.99, but it was just .99 with the new Ikea Family loyalty card they have in store. (I hadn’t been there in awhile, so it was news to me that they now have a loyalty card. The card is free, and you can sign up for one at an in-store kiosk.) I noticed a lot of items in the store now have an “Ikea Family” price that you need the card for too. And, if you’re looking for bargain luggage, they had a rolling carry-on suitcase for $7.99..! I have no idea how long it would last, but that certainly is a low price. The ones I saw were black with white polka dots – they’d be perfect for a child too. Here’s my set of Eagle Creek Pack-Its next to the Ikea UPPTACKA travel bags too, for comparison. The largest black bag is 12.5″ x 17.5″.


  1. Outlander says

    I haven’t been to Ikea in 15 years, but I still have a set of stainless steel pots and a teapot that I use every day, and it’s still like new.
    Maybe I should go again! :)
    It is a 1/2 hr drive from my house, and to me that’s too far. Lol

  2. naisula says

    My husband convinced me to get travel bags last year when we road tripped to CA (for the 2nd time). I was reluctant to spend the $ on ebags (20-something for a set of 3 at the time), but I’m glad we did. Each bag really packs a lot, and I gave each kid their own colored bag to pack for the road. Our trip lasted about 4 weeks, though I only had them pack for the 4 nights on the road there (so we’d only have to pull out the one suitcase for a hotel night). Each kid was able to pack their belongings for 4 nights in the smallest bag (granted, they are all in grade school so their summer clothes are also smaller), but this was wonderful. Once we got to the hotel, the three kids pulled out their own bag and managed their own clothing/laundry. Pack up was a breeze!

    They really are quite handy, aren’t they? I like that our bags all have zippers so they’re more secure, and they have mesh at the top for easy venting. I would think that the large drawstring bag would be harder to pack without shifting, but I can also see the utility of having some waterproof bags as well. Either way, you can’t beat your price of $0.99!

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