Meijer Mperks: Have you signed up?

Disclosure: I am participating in a marketing campaign as a Meijer Mperks ambassador. I have been compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links. Read full Disclosure Policy.



Do you use Meijer Mperks electronic coupons? If you shop at Meijer and aren’t taking advantage of the discounts available through Meijer’s Mperks ecoupons, you’re missing out on savings on everything from groceries to clothing! It’s free to sign up for Mperks, and Mperks coupons are easy to use too.

You can access Mperks from a computer either by using a web browser or by using the Mperks app for Apple or Android. 


When you sign up for Mperks, you’ll be prompted to enter your telephone number. Once you’re logged in, click the “Coupons” link to access your offers. I like to log in at least once a week to see if there are any new offers I want to use. 


You can toggle between the list of all Mperks offers and the ones you’ve selected to clip. All of the expiration dates are visible in one place without having to click individual offers. You can also sort the available coupons by category and type, making it easy to find coupons for specific departments, like clothing, deli, or home. 


Click or tap on a coupon to select it. Unlike some stores’ electronic coupons, you also have the option to de-select a coupon if you decide you don’t want it. Mperks ecoupons show whether they are manufacturer or store coupons too when you view each coupon’s details.


Some Mperks offers are valid on “Every 2.” If you buy four in the same transaction, you’ll get $2.00 off each pair of Mott’s. However, the entire offer can only be used once in one transaction, and then it will disappear. 


You’ll also find ecoupons for general categories of products, like this offer for $4.00 off a $20 school supply purchase. Because this is a store coupon, you can stack manufacturer coupons for your supplies with it too. 

Once you’ve used Mperks, it will automatically learn your shopping habits and move ecoupons for your most-often-purchased brands, items and categories. I like this feature because it usually brings coupons for things I might buy right to the top of the screen when I log in. 


As you continue to use Mperks, you may also find additional, personalized offers under the “Rewards” button. I usually find spending-threshold offers here, like $5 off a $15 produce purchase. It also seems to learn what my average pre-coupon total is, then encourage me to spend a little more with an offer like this: 


Once you’ve loaded your ecoupons, head to Meijer and shop! Once you reach the checkout lane, simply enter the phone number associated with your Mperks account on the keypad (the same one you use to swipe a debit or credit card.) All of your selected offers will be activated and applied to the items you bought as they are scanned.

You may wonder what happens if you’ve already clipped an Mperks ecoupon and you also present a paper coupon in the store. Mperks will prompt you via the screen on the keypad in the lane to select either your Mperks offer or your paper coupon offer. This is handy if one of your coupons has a higher value than the other — for example, if I’d preloaded a $1.00 Mperks ecoupon for shampoo, but I brought a $2.00 coupon with me.



Clicking over to “Receipts & Savings” will show your total saved for the entire year to date if you like to keep track of your savings too! Here’s a screenshot of mine:


It’s always worth browsing the Mperks offers before you go to Meijer because you never know what you’ll find. Right now, there are 40% coupons for men’s and women’s shoes, 40% off women’s apparel, 25% off men’s apparel, $15 off athletic shoes and many other non-grocery discounts too.

If you haven’t signed up for Meijer’s Mperks yet, what are you waiting for? Mperks is FREE, and we all like to save money…

Disclosure: Disclosure: I am participating in a marketing campaign as a Meijer Mperks ambassador. I have been compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links. Read full Disclosure Policy.


  1. monkeylady70 says

    Hello, I recently went to Menards to do the Curad sale. Bought 2 coupon was dollar off two.. Item should of been free. Woodstock Menards. Cashier called for manager when I gave her the coupon said this is the coupon you talked about in the meeting this morning. Manager typed in coupon.. I was stupid I didnt check what she typed but paid then left to my destination and noticed she reduced my coupon to 50 cents not the dollar it was suppose to be.. Please advise others to watch . I know its 50 cents but the store is being crooked by stealing the manufacturing coupon remainder. I notified Menards headquarters also Curad. You do a wonderful job hopefully soon I can get to one of your classes :)

    Thank You

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