Menards rebates explained: They’re easy and fun!

Menards Rebates

While I’m not a huge fan of rebates (I’ve had one too many denied for dubious reasons) I am a big fan of Menards’ rebates. Nearly every week, Menards has a variety of items that are FREE or inexpensive after rebates. I’ve begun blogging the great Menards rebates deals, but in case you’ve never done their rebates before, here are a few tips…

Menards rebates are easy. You don’t have to cut any UPCs off product packaging or send photocopies of your receipt. When you buy a rebate item at Menards, a second rebate receipt automatically prints at the bottom of your main receipt. There’s a number at the top of each product’s rebate receipt. This corresponds to the number of the rebate. For example, in the photo above, #2688 is a $4.00 rebate for glass cutting boards. Rebate #2066 is a $2.00 rebate for sunscreen.

After you finish buying your rebate items, head to the customer service counter at Menards, where you’ll see a large display of rebate forms. They’re usually sorted in numerical order. Take one form for each rebate you plan to submit. All rebates going to the same address can be sent in the same envelope, so this saves postage too. (Menards rebates nearly always go to the same P.O. Box in Wisconsin.) If you forget to grab your rebate forms before leaving the store, you can also print them from Menards’ site.

In the photo above, I’m sending five different rebates in the same envelope. When these rebates are processed, the total for all of them will be sent back in the form of a credit check for Menards. You can use this for future Menards shopping trips. There are a couple of perks with this — first, anything you buy with a credit check is tax-free. I recently had a $69 total at Menards, and when I paid with a credit check from a past rebate, the total immediately dropped to $65 and change — no tax. “Rolling” the rebates from free items to buy more free items is a great way to get freebies from Menards too.

Menards postcard

Here’s a credit check I got from a large batch of rebates. While the check came back with a total of $218.50, I don’t have to spend that entire amount in the same shopping trip. The cashier will scan it and write the remaining balance on the check. The checks do not expire.

I’ve been doing Menards rebates for many years and have never had an issue with receiving them. In my experience, they’re very reliable. We shop at Menards pretty frequently, and rolling the rebates over and over not only helps save us money (that no-tax thing again!) but also allows us to get a lot of interesting and fun items free or very inexpensively. Have fun shopping and rebating at Menards!


  1. Dwight Porshakin says

    It is a rip off. They pick and choose what rebates they intend to pay. I mailed in several rebates at once. I only received the smaller rebates for the same product. Of course they could say it was lost in the mail, but only the larger rebates never materialized.


    • says

      Dwight, I’ve been doing Menards rebates for many years — both for small freebies and larger, higher-value tools and such. I’ve never had a rebate denied by them..! I would definitely look into what was denied and see what happened, because that’s really unusual for Menards.

      • Robert Lindflott says

        I agree with Dwight. Menards rebates is a total scam. Either they don’t acknowledge receipt of the mailing, or they send you only a trivial amount if you submit multiple rebate receipts. It’s a joke. I will never shop at Menards again!

      • Jenny says

        Dwight, I bought cabinets at Menards and received my $300+ rebate no problem! You should look into what happened to your receipt. Not a scam, they pay big and small rebates!

    • Scott gen says

      I shop menards regularly I always take pictures of prices the 11% rebate I have found to be a joke for example I took pics of 2x6x16 during the week for $10.97 now that the rebate is on they are 12.61 with $1.56 is the 11% rebate u now pay .9 cents more per board an wait for the rebate money I take this pic to the building desk they give me the price on the pic an I get the 11% watch u will see

  2. R.J.Foster says

    Menard’s rebate system of only giving you 11% store credit STINKS. I don’t want 11% store credit, I want 11% back in cash. Plus 11% in store credit doesn’t cost Menard’s 11%. It only means they make 11% less on whatever you buy to use their so called rebate. There should be a regulation prohibiting Menard’s from advertising the 11 % as a rebate when it’s not.

      • Diana says

        You paid taxes on the full original price. Taxing you on the rebate would actually be taxing you twice. That’s why it is deducted pretax.
        I agree that it is a moneymaker for Menards. I would rather just have the sale price up front. I have kept careful track of my rebates since suspecting that I didn’t receive one. Quite often multiple receipts aren’t fully refunded. I just received a $67 dollar one- when I checked my records it was supposed to be $73.31. Plus they profit more if the checks get lost while you wait to need something at Menards again. Even if you are fortunate and receive all your rebates- they have been using your money for the 6-8 weeks it takes to get it back and have taken your option to use your sale savings at another store.

    • Mark says

      It is a rebate and is clearly stated that it is in the form of a store credit. It is a rebate in that your next purchase you are saving the amount of the rebate check and paying no tax on that amount. So in reality it is more than 11% savings. No it does not really cost Menards anything but is a brilliant marketing idea that gets people back in the store while also saving them money!

    • teri says

      if you dont like the 11% rebate/store credit, you can obtain Lowes or Home Depot coupons ( usually 10% off) Menards honors competitor coupons. the cashiers have a book that already has the coupon they scan. they usually can not be used at the issuer anymore, but are not expired.

    • Kevin says

      I totally agree that advertising a rebate and then giving store credit is complete BS and should not be legal. I mailed in my two l rebate forms expecting a $50 check and instead I got $50 credit on my next purchase. I’m outraged! This is just like the evil “company store” practices from the 1800s. Does Menard’s really think it’s good business practice to totally piss off customers like this?? They must be idiots!! I was already annoyed with them for other reasons but after this I refuse to ever shop at Menard’s again if I can help it.

      • Shannon says

        It shouldn’t be legal because you can’t read?!? It’s clearly stated if you took the time to read the details….”Rebates are provided in the form of a Merchandise Credit Check valid towards purchases at any Menards® retail store.”
        I have saved so much money over the years using these rebates.

  3. Jeff says

    I don’t expect you’ll post this comment, but….you appear to be some kind of dupe for Menards. I just bought a garage door for about $1000, expecting a $110 “rebate” and had NO IDEA it was limited to a store credit. You say it’s clearly stated to be in the form of a store credit, but that claim is CLEARLY a “falsehood” to put it kindly. No signage I saw whatsoever indicated a store credit, and I’m pretty good at reading. The parking lot was even plastered with little yellow political looking signs stating the 11% rebate, and those signs said nothing about a store credit. It’s not even stated on the receipt. ONLY the rebate for itself says store credit. I feel “dirty” from a transactional standpoint every time I visit that store. I always feel like they’re putting something over on me. As another example, the last time I bought carpet there, I called in the purchase by phone, although I had been in to view the carpet a few weeks before. The salesman conveniently opted to fail to tell me that when I would be calling in the order, the sale on the padding would be over; even though I told him exactly when I would be ordering as I stood there talking to him. So, I lost a bit north of $100 on the loss of the padding deal. The episode did NOT seem accidental; had I been informed, I would have bought the padding in advance. I’m always feeling like I need to shower the dirt off me after visiting this store. Thanks for listening.

    • Mark says

      Not good enough at reading, because when there is an asterisk most people look to see what it means and then if you read the print it says “rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit check” Here I even included a link to the weeekly ad for you to read.,catalog1,midwestmanufacturing

      Most people would rather blame someone else instead of their own ignorance, because they can’t read and notice sales limits, dates and exclusions.
      I do not work for Menards but I shop at my local Menards store regularly and have not had a bad experience. But then again I don’t expect special treatment or something for nothing.

      Thanks for reading.

      • Kevin J says

        I have to agree that if your lazy enough to not read the blue ink, it’s your own dumb fault bot coming up with a different result other than what is printed everywhere there is a rebate mentioned. They clearly write it in English so maybe you need to go back to school and learn the English language and everyone will clearly stop laughing at you for assuming you would get what you want, instead of what they offer (which is in writing & verbal on the radio and tv)

  4. Dick Fankhauser says

    I am with the guy at the top of the list. If I do not send my rebates by certified mail they lose around 40 % of them. It is amazing how the only mail I have sent that has been “lost” is the mail that I send to this place.

    • teri says

      i make copies of all rebates and stick them in the same place. when i get the rebate check, i file it away. if i dont after a time goes by i contact them to get status

  5. Katze says

    We, too, have been doing the rebate thing for years with no bad experiences yet. We’ve “saved” thousands by now I’m sure. I’m extremely frugal, and Menards offers the best prices on almost all home renovation, gardening, and auto products to begin with, in addition to great sales and free/cheap after rebate deals. I take photos/scans of my submissions, note when they were sent on the calendar, and when I get curious or it seems to have been a while, track and double-check them at rebateinternational. I imagine that penmanship matters, so I address the envelopes clearly and use address labels on the rebate forms themselves. We’re expecting about $300 back soon due to their 11% rebate coinciding with our replacement of our front porch – loads of lumber and ten windows. There’s no worry about spending the “store credit”; they always have a great deal on something we need, even if it’s just kitty litter or toothpaste ($.85/tube, seriously?!?).

    • says

      We too have never had an issue with them disappearing. I’m not sure exactly why they aren’t being fulfilled for the person who said they never seem to arrive unless they’re sent certified. I always send mine regular mail and have not had any issues. We have about $140 coming back on the next one — and yes, there always seems to be something to buy with Menards..!

      We too use address labels on the individual rebate forms to help with neatness — plus, it’s faster to fill them out that way too.

  6. frank says

    Nothing better! They never expire and it’s tax free ! It’s like you’re actually getting 18% off when using them. I just ordered an entire garage package 24×36 totally FREE! plus I did it while 11% rebate was going on so they actually paid me $720 to take everything.

  7. Sondra Stapley says

    My rebates take soooo long to come back to me. I am waiting now for some that I mailed in July. How can I find out what the problem is. we shop a lot at Menard’s but probably wouldn’t if it weren’t for the rebates. Please give me some advice on this problem.

    • says

      They do take quite a while to arrive. I check the rebate status link each week, and my June 2 rebate just showed up a couple days ago as finally being processed. I mail them in right away after I shop, so they do seem to be running around 3 months behind the mail-in date.

      • Kayla says

        Does the rebate tracker show when they’ve received it or just when it’s been processed and sent out to you? I’m having an issue now where I’m waiting on a large rebate from a mid-August purchase. I’ve emailed about the status and the reply is to wait 8 weeks but it’s making me really nervous!

        • says

          In my experience, it’s processed and sent. I check it about once a week, and by the time I see a new rebate of mine in there, I get it a few days later. They do take quite a while to show up (again, in my own experience.)

  8. GRRRRRR says

    The bottom line is… Rebates ARE a sales generating scam, and should not be defended
    1. they are hoping you get a ‘warm fuzzy’ from the word ‘rebate’ and ‘lower price’ which leads to you throwing more ‘stuff’ in your cart
    2. they count on your life being too busy so you’ll forget all about the whole ‘rebate’ thing
    3. if you do remember, they hope you are too busy to waste your time keeping track of all your rebate qualifying receipts, and too busy to waste your time stuffing them into an envelope and then throw a stamp on it.
    4. they hope that if you ARE willing to jump through all these ridiculous hoops like lemmings, the time will expire to get your ridiculous rebate in the form of a store credit voucher that you also NOW have to keep track of.
    5. they are ultimately hoping you forget about all the store credit you are racking up… or end up in an asylum somewhere… because the 5 companies down the street are all running the same scam against you.

    Think of all the wasted time and energy expended in this whole cycle of lunacy. We all have hundreds of companies running the same crap against us…. the garbage company, the internet provider company, etc… etc… For the good of mankind, just give us the ‘REBATE’ price as a SALE price the day we are in your store! Simple!

    • Kevin Enos says

      Everything GRRRRRR says is pretty much true.

      As for Mark who implies that anyone who thinks this is a scam is someone wanting something for nothing — say what? I didn’t walk into Menard’s one day and say “I want to buy something but I expect you to give me 11% off on the price”, no, MENARD’S ADVERTISED IT. But they didn’t advertise “11% STORE CREDIT REBATE”. I don’t expect something for nothing but if a store implies that they are offering a deal I don’t expect there to be a bunch of fine print involved. And do you really think the average customer sees an 11% rebate sign by the listed price and thinks “hmmm, I better check to see if that’s a cash rebate or merely store credit”. Yeah, right.

  9. Susie says

    We do the rebates all the time in big and little items. I have never had a rebate denied. Like anything else you have to read the fine print. Would I love the cash back instead of store credit? Yes, but that’s NOT what the deal is. It is good for store credit only. Read the fine print people.

  10. Andrea says

    Do you know if there is an expiry date to them? I received mine in the mail and it has an issue date but no expiry. We don’t live nearby and only get to a Menard’s once or twice a year so I don’t want to lose out on the money.

  11. Anonymous says

    We love Menards. Over the last several years since learning about Menards’ rebate program, we have redeemed literally thousands of dollars in rebates. I have not had a single one denied – including some that have been mailed a day or two late. As other happy rebate customers above have stated, I use address labels on the back of the form for neatness and speediness. I take pictures of them on my tablet for record keeping, and I track them in a spreadsheet I have made to keep a running total of how much I have saved (and to check their math – which has never been incorrect). I record the date I mail them in, and the date I receive the rebate. Now, this may be too much work for some, but to me, it’s worth what I get in return. For all of those that are unhappy with Menards’ rebate policies, be thankful you live in America… ’cause no one is forcing you to take advantage of these deals and save money. If you’re not happy, simply shop elsewhere.

    • says

      It’s true that you pay tax on whatever you are buying to -get- the rebate. However, whatever you USE the rebate on is a tax-free purchase. If you keep rolling one rebate over to the next, you will effectively pay no tax beyond your first purchase that generated your first rebate.

  12. Robert Suraci says

    “rebate” in American English

    See all translations
    noun [ C ] US ​ /ˈri·beɪt/

    money that is returned to you after you pay for goods or services, done in order to make the sale more attractive
    Menards should stop lying and call it what it is – 11% in store credit. It is is bad business to lie to your customers. It pisses people off when they realize the scam.

    • says

      The only limits are what’s printed on each certificate, like limit 4 pairs of gloves, limit 2 flashlights, etc. The limits are per individual offer, not per person/address per year.

  13. Connie Baer says

    Just discovered that I had to have my rebate envelope postmarked by today and the post office is closed!
    Should I just throw it away now since tomorrow is Sunday and the mail does not go out?

  14. Pasta says


    I’ve never done a rebate before. Can you send more than one rebate in for one item (meaning can you stack rebates)? The company for the item I want has a rebate through their website, but the store I’m purchasing from ALSO has a rebate with the company…so for example, on the company’s website it says “Blah rebate promotion” and “Blah rebate promotion for Walmart.” Can I do both rebates?

    Also, does the rebate have to be received by the company before the expiration date or is it still valid as long as I mailed it before the expiration date?


  15. Sam says

    I spent over $1700 at Menards this past August during the week of an 11% Rebate offer. I waited and waited for the rebate. Finally, in October, I wrote to the Rebate Center and asked what was going on with my rebate. They said they has no record of the rebate number in question. So I dug up the email that had the Rebate ticket on it (I made my purchase online and picked up the order at the store, thus they emailed me my rebate forms) and forwarded it to them. They finally sent my rebate which was about $179.

    I’m glad I got my rebate but, wow, what a hassle!

  16. Burt says

    I work with a lot of home builders. I had a guy once order materials for 2 houses during the 11% sale. His rebate was just over $26,000.00. Got the certificate just fine.

    • Erika says

      That is amazing. Wow… Do they all come on a POSTCARD I wonder? I got my first one for about $8.00 and it was a postcard. And I used it at the store without showing any ID although I had to “sign” it… Do they send $26000 credit on postcard too? I’m curious because I’m waiting for a $1400 one myself, and when I realized it comes on a flippin’ postcard, I’ve been thinking I will never see that $1400. Do they at least put the big ones in an envelope or no?

  17. Say says

    I hate their tactics (credit to buy things from the store) as a result I go to LOWE’s (use their 5% charge card). I have mailed several rebates and haven’t got 50% of them back. Here are the reasons they make you go through all the trouble:
    a. Chances are they may not approve it
    b. Even if you get a store credit voucher chances are you may lose it or forget to use.
    c. You may totally discard their store credit voucher as it sent to look like junk mail.

    So, the bottom line is, for the reasons stated above, they probably give rebate about half of the 11% they offer to their customers.

    That is my $0.02!

  18. Sue says

    I like the rebates. Never had a problem. You can use more than 1 on your purchase as well. We hold on to them for big fencing..etc.

  19. bobbg says

    I think Menards could automate the rebate process online to speed it up and save on postage.
    When I get my rebate, I could catch the next sale, if this is loaded up to my account it would get me into the store to buy more faster instead of waiting 6-8 weeks for the rebate’s to come back to me.

    I’m not all that impress with he store or its products thus far. Seems like a lot of cheep imported products.
    Our store is Brand new I’ve yet to visit every part of it. Its so big it might take a month to view everything and get an idea where its laid out.
    I have not been in the garden center, or the lumber yard’s
    Do I get to pick out my own boards or take what the load?
    If I buy a 2×6 select pine it should be somewhat straight with a crown depending on grade for how many knots.
    I should not have to take what looks like Corkscrew willow. and needs to be downgraded.
    Also SAFS needs to be perfect straight on all sides and sanded. You should be able to glue up and use it as it came without blemishes. scrape off the extra glue and light sand then finnish.
    I think it would be nice if they sold rough cut lumber too

  20. Shaun Van vark says

    Menards is thriving so overall this must be working to help grow its business. How many of us commenting have anywhere near the success of the Menard family.
    Know one should be shocked that they do not want to put it on-line or make it any easier — they of course hope that not everyone does the rebates, and I would think ‘we’ would all understand that. Does anyone really think that they are in the business of giving away hard cash.

    I too have sent in some rebates and they seemed to have disappeared into thin air but given the original prices are competitive to start, I have not been compelled to initiate an elaborate tracking system plus who know, maybe I forgot to send, wrote sloppily, etc.

    Lowe’s recently did an 11% coupon on next purchase on their receipts. Was nice because it was on coupon, but the time you could use it was very limited. The nice thing about the Menard’s process is that you can save up your rebates for a bigger purchase and get dollars off that purchase and maybe an additional opportunity for rebate.

    Cavite Emptor is quite fitting here. Understand the rules of the game and be street smart enough to understand that they are not going to give you hard cash back.

  21. Kathie says

    Do I have to send in the whole receipt or just the bottom where it says Rebate #___ Receipt as it has the store number, time, date, and the 11% rebate amount?

    • says

      You send just the rebate receipt(s) from the bottom of the main receipt. KEEP and save the main receipt as it is also something that can help them recover your rebate info in the event that your rebate gets lost in the mail.

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