New Super-Couponing Tips column: Statistics on coupon shoppers

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “New statistics on coupon shoppers.
 Here’s an excerpt:

“Whenever new statistics are released about coupon usage, shoppers’ habits and the state of the coupon industry, I eagerly pore over them. I love seeing how couponing changes year-to-year, and continue to be fascinated by our ever-changing industry. Are digital coupons overtaking paper, or are consumers still reaching for the scissors and clipping paper each week? Do you plan your coupon-shopping trip before leaving the house, or do you take your coupons with you and put a trip together once you’re in the store?”

Read this entire column at the Northwest Indiana Times.

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  1. SSMark1 says

    We’ve been doing more & more “opt-in” type coupons & offers, & less blanket type offers for the retailer partners that I work with.
    Reason being, many people have been receiving rewards & discounts that weren’t even aware of the offer that was going on.
    A reason for these marketing offers is for people to see them BEFORE & then take advantage of them & make the purchase.
    It also gets people to open up emails & go to mobile pages & web sites to “opt-in” & take advantage.
    This also saves companies a TON of money by not fulfilling the random shopper that just happens to buy the required product or offer without prior knowledge & get lucky with that purchase.
    It also reduces fraud & reduces the chances of passing offers along to other people.
    Paper may be king, but digital is where we are all heading.
    Millennials LOVE digital.
    Millennials are the demographic most retailers are trying to reach.
    Millennials love to shop online, so no paper is needed.
    More stores are closing every month.

    I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks at work & have less time to visit our local blogs & get more deals.
    I’ve really enjoyed participating & adding deals when I find them.
    At my prior employers, there was more of a conflict of interest, so I’d just lurk.
    But these past 4 years or since I’ve been participating, I’ve really enjoyed Jill’s blog much more.
    Just about all the other blogs that did match ups have now dried up or switched themes & formats.
    So that’s why it’s more important to participate & post deals when you see them.
    This isn’t 5 – 10 years ago, when we had so many killer deals & many blogs.
    Things have changed.


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