New Super-Couponing Tips column: Shoppers sound off

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “Tales from the checkout lane: Shoppers sound off.”
 Here’s an excerpt:

As always, my readers continue to send stories of their observations while shopping and couponing at their local stores. I enjoy hearing from shoppers from around the country, whether the stories they’re sharing are negative or positive, as we’re all in this savings game together and can learn from each other’s experiences…

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  1. SSMark1 says

    Love this article!
    Maybe someday every store will sell only unique items or sizes.

    I hope many of you get to experience what Jamie B. has to state in her part of this article.
    I’ve found this in general, that the people & registers at CVS are both more coupon friendly than Walgreens.
    But that’s my own opinion, which can be changed as easily as register programming.

    If you visit any store regularly, you know who the go to cashiers are if you see them wether it’s CVS, Walgreens, Jewel, etc…
    My wife & I give them gifts for the holidays (and home made dinners if they were stuck working holidays), just like my newspaper carrier, & mailman, & everyone else that appriciate who does thier job & goes above & beyond for a good customer experience, like larger tips at a restaurant.
    If you can’t afford it, just tell them you appreciate them & would rather spend your money at thier place vs. a competitor.
    People never hear enough of it, because when you are in retail, & have to work with the general public, it can really drive you crazy with some of the stuff people pull. ASK ANY CASHIER!


  2. Nan says

    I don’t know if this is just by my shopping area (South Chgo Hts Jewel, Chgo Heights Food4less, and Chgo Heights and Matteson Walmarts and Matteson Target are no longer accepting printable coupons. They say there has been too much fraud. I am not sure if this is happening in other towns, but it’s really sad.

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