New Super-Couponing Tips column: Unlocking printable coupons

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “Unlocking printable coupons.”
 Here’s an excerpt:

If you’re a fan of printing coupons from your computer, here’s a new development that you need to know about., the largest printable coupon site on the web, has made changes to the way it offers printable coupons, and it may affect your ability to print coupons from the site…

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  1. wolverine70 says

    I think (hope) that the policy can be refined. It’s a shame that the fraudsters are going to cause so much consternation for many honest coupon users, at least for a time. Tracfone does offer plans with data. I have one of these, so I sure hope I can get the authentication through it. We’ll see. had to do something. I sure wish people could just use good things the way they are intended.

    Your column is a treasure. So glad I can get it online. I keep pressing my paper to print it again, even suggesting they find a sponsor for it like the Toledo Blade does. No dice, yet, but I’ll keep trying!

  2. Andrew F. says

    FYI, Both hyperlinks have an error. The first one starts “hhttp”, the second has an extraneous ” at the end.

  3. ann Taylor Burdette says

    Yes it is a shame . I have data just not through a major cell phone company. I hope and pray that I can get them too. I understand why they have to do it but it will still hurt those that need them the most. I too wish My paper would put you back in but I a very happy to read you column online. Thank God for the enter net . I

  4. assassin says

    *looks at thumbnail on main page*

    pardon the tangent, but how’d you get four coupons to print on a single page?!

    it took me a little work just to manage 3. it insists on printing “” just off the bottom of standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper size, drawing a second sheet. so i’d have to print 2 at once, turn the paper around, then print the 3rd.

  5. wenwright says

    I do not understand why people without cell phones are discriminated against. I need to save as much money as I can and
    I just don’t need a cell phone. I DO need coupons. Where is the justice?

  6. says

    I read your newspaper column this weekend regarding the changes soon to take place at coupons,com. I am seriously grieved over this issue. My husband and I are in our 80’s and do not have cell phones because they are an added expense we cannot incur. Almost all of our income comes from Social Security and the little we managed to save while working and raising 4 children. The majority of the coupons I print come from this website, and through it I have been able to save several hundred much needed dollars each year on my groceries. I have never printed more than 2 coupons for a particular product. What is really gained by cheating? It seems to me that this is an unfair move on the part of We are among those who will certainly be most hurt by this move

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