New Super-Couponing Tips column: Why “Balanced Couponing” is fraud

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “Why ‘Balanced Couponing’ is fraud.
 Here’s an excerpt:

“A friend of mine told me she learned a new way to use coupons called ‘Balanced Couponing.’ She said she spends much less time planning coupon trips and is taking home more free stuff than ever. Can you teach us about Balanced Couponing? I would like to save a lot of money without spending much time on this, too.”

Read this entire column at the Northwest Indiana Times.

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  1. wolverine70 says

    A shame that so many people feel justified in resorting to fraud. Glad you’re on the case to keep us up to date on what to be aware of.

  2. Gina says

    Just makes me feel sick to hear about this. When will people learn? What goes around, comes around. Karma will catch up with the crooks. But in the meantime, I have to put up with all the negativity around couponing at the checkout.

  3. Monica says

    So this is why I have people trying to tell me at checkout that they are “balanced! I had someone come through my lane and try to buy those little Tide travel bottles with the $2.00 printable for Pods. Well they didn’t buy any Pods. I had two different people say Just scan it, it works because its balanced!

  4. says

    Tried to use $3 coupon for any 2 cover girl products (except trial and travel size) at target a few weeks ago. Was refused with cashier’s excuse that it only covered items pictures on the coupon. The manager first agreed with her then said it was because the 2 products were trial or travel size ( a cheekers blush and a mascara bother of which last for months). I gave up and they lost a $20 sale and gained a long line of disgruntled customers behind me. I suspect it was a computer input problem. Any further information?

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