Tuesday: Don't forget to get your FREE clothing at Sears Outlet!

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We all love getting things free...

How about FREE clothing?

On November 7th, Sears Outlet stores announced on Facebook that they were offering a FREE clothing promotion for Shop Your Way cardholders. Simply show up at any Sears Apparel Outlet on Tuesdays, show your card, and receive a FREE piece of clothing -- any price, any value!

The only exclusions for this offer are that you cannot choose Levi's, leather or outerwear. But, as Sears stated on Facebook, "If you find a $99 Lands' End sweater, it's yours!"

So how do you get it? You'll need a free Shop Your Way Rewards card, which you can sign up for online or simply register for in the store. (It's not a credit card -- it's a points-rewards card.)

Then, go to any Sears Outlet that stocks apparel on a Tuesday, show your Shop Your Way card, and get a free piece of clothing of your choice through December 27th, 2011!

Where's your closest Sears Outlet that's participating in this offer? Search online (look under "Stores in Your State.") There may be new outlet locations too that aren't in this list yet -- we have three in our area that just opened within the past few weeks. If you're in northern Illinois, here's a list of the closest Sears Outlet locations with apparel that are participating in the promotion:


1516 S. Randall Rd. (Algonquin Commons, behind On the Border restaurant)
Algonquin, IL 60102

Melrose Park
2065 George St.
Melrose Park, IL

540 S Highway 59
Naperville, IL

River Grove
8253 W. Belmont Avenue (Thatcher Woods)
River Grove, IL

1321 East Golf Rd.
Schaumburg, IL
The Schaumburg location is out of clothes. They have been clearancing everything for prices around $1 each for several weeks. The store will close completely on 12/31 and will reopen at the end of February '12 at Roselle and Golf Roads.

2235 S. Eastwood Drive (Rt. 47)
Woodstock, IL

Most Sears Outlet locations are open from 9:00am-9:00pm on Tuesdays. Check your local store to confirm. And happy shopping! There is a 50,000 pieces of clothing limit per Sears Outlets nationwide, though they did not yet hit the limit during any of the previous weeks of this promotion.

Free clothing day today at Sears Outlet

Hi- I just got an email from Sears that I can get one free clothing item at any of their outlet stores today.. Hope this helps, Nancy

Free clothing its a nice idea

Free clothing its a nice idea by them and I think all use this opportunity.

New Sears Outlet store in Niles

Hi- I was shopping at the four flags shopping center on Golf in Niles, and I spotted a new Sears Outlet there. This is the shopping center which is down the street from Golf Mill, and across the street from Walmart. A Jewel is also located at this shopping center, as well as a secretary of state's facility.

I got excited when I saw it, and I went in and asked a sales clerk if they were going to have any free clothes days on Tuesdays. The guy said that they just opened up, and after they have their grand opening, they might have some free clothes days. He told me that their grand opening is going to take place sometime in April. He was not sure about the exact date. Hope this helps, Nancy


you can get a free clothing today again with a new coupon from Facebook- Sears Outlet.

Thank you!

I wonder if they'll continue going back to this every Tuesday..!

Just got back from the River Grove Store

It was not packed at all...I ended up getting a red sweater and purple sweater, and plaid skirt all for free. How? Well...my aunt went with me and she wanted to buy me a Christmas gift. It was a pretty good deal for me.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Many Sears/K-Mart Closing???

So I just read that many sears and k-mart stores are closing because they didn't sell much and they have to cut down cost haven't posted which ones yet here the link to the post I read. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45795148/ns/business-retail/

I heard that too this morning

They were talking about it on the radio - no list of stores released yet though, and it sounded more like the regular Sears/Kmart stores versus the outlets, but who knows...

Woodstock shoppers - read comment below about the receipt survey

If you shop at the Woodstock Sears Outlet, please read my comment below regarding what I was told in the store last week. This location is in danger of closing next month if their guest feedbacks on the receipt surveys don't improve. If you like shopping there, please take a moment to fill out the survey about what you like and don't like.

Woodstock shoppers - fill out your receipt surveys...

I just returned from the Woodstock Sears outlet. The staff there was urging everyone to fill out the web surveys on the bottom of the receipt, because Woodstock is the lowest-ranking store on customer feedback. Corporate is giving them until Jan. 2 to turn things around and get improved surveys back, or they will not sign a 2-year lease for this location and the store may close.

I did notice today that there were a lot of employees out on the floor sorting clothes into the right sizes/racks today, which is something I haven't seen before. While I realize the store itself has been dirty since day one, I've gotten some great deals there over the past few weeks in addition to the free items I've picked up - my daughter bought lots of pairs of $6 jeans, I've found quite a few shirts for myself, and lots of kids' shirts and jeans for my boys. I wouldn't want to see it close.

Prices this week at Woodstock

Week of 12/27: Women's shirts and sweaters are $4; Women's and girls' jeans are $5. Men's t-shirts are $1. Anything with a yellow clearance tag is 50% off the marked price.

On the register, there was a sign saying that next week, beginning 1/1, anything with a green clearance tag will be 75% off the marked price.

(The majority of the things I bought today had orange stickers on them. I'm guessing this is how they rotate inventory -- if it's been there too long, they clearance out that color of sticker even more.)

thanks jill

thank you jill. we have been there three weeks now, have gotten 6 christmas presents free and bought a couple more while there. you have helped us alot. this year we thought christmas would be a bad one due to no jobs, but thanks to you and your ideas and suggestions this will be a wonderful christmas. love coupons and free or almost free stuff :}

Disapointed :(

So I went last Tuesday for the first time to the Naperville location and oh my what a mess! I was expecting the place to be a little nicer with some more choices to choose from. Are all the other locations like this? I couldn't find anything more than $12. Maybe I need to try a different location.


I haven't been to Naperville, but I have been to Algonquin and Woodstock. They really are clearance-only stores, and you will likely find different clothes at different places. Both of these stores were vacant storefronts before Sears moved in (Algonquin was a SuitHouse menswear store, and Woodstock was the old Woodstock Kmart.) Both very much have an air of clearance shopping - the Woodstock store is not terribly clean at all, and it's pretty much the way you'd expect a moved-out Kmart to look. The Woodstock store is huge though compared to Algonquin, so to me, the potential for finding things has been better.

The free things I've gotten each week so far have been:

A red sweater (originally $40)
A black striped blouse (originally $19)
A pair of boys' jeans with guitars and skulls on them (originally $24)
A Carter's infant sleeper (originally $14)

It really just depends what you're looking for, I guess... and what happens to be on the racks each week when you get there. But definitely expect to hunt around for some deals.

I went last week and bought a

I went last week and bought a pair of jeans and pair of dockers for my son. One was free and the other I paid $5.00 for...yeah me!

They also have a "Buy More Get More" discount offer but you have to choose which one you want before they start ringing you up. I chose the BMGM offer since I had 6 items of clothing for my son. I saved $10.

I'm going next week again!!!

I did that too

I did the "Spend $25 Save $5" so I got 6 kids' clothes items, one was the free one, for $20. I was happy! That's about $3.33 each.... what's not to like.

Does the McHenry, IL store participate. . .

or, how do you know which stores are in the deal - is there an add somewhere (sorry if I missed it), or just call the McHenry store and ask? TIA


That store doesn't carry clothing. If you look at the post above (at the top of this page - scroll up) all of the participating Illinois stores are listed there, starting with Algonquin. If you're in McHenry, the Algonquin or Woodstock stores are probably your best bets.

Sears Outlet Facebook Giveaway

Jill, thanks for the update. I went there Tuesday & found out about the clearance & store closing as well. The link doesn't show the new stores yet.

All I could find was a swim skirt! The rest were shorts, capris or pants sizes 18W or bigger.

Bummed about the Schamuburg store

DID get a cute top 2 weeks ago, but went in today....I didn't know :( However, on that last sad rack of plus sized ladies pants, I did find a pair of white slacks good enough for bleacher-sitting during baseball in my size. SO, not a total loss. I just wish the other stores were not so far from me. This was kind of on my way home from work.

I just called Schaumburg

I just called Schaumburg store and they have no more clothes left. They are closing 12/31, and opening end of February '12 at Roselle and Golf new store.
And to think I was finally going to drive there today!


I will update above - thank you.

(I'm glad you called first!)

It's Tuesday again!

Go get your free clothing..!

Free sweater

Got a $54.00 sweater for christmas for free!!!

A day late but...

I just wanted to let everyone know that when I went yesterday to the Algonquin location for this promotion they had a full rack of jeans for Men. I know that before they were not selling Mens clothing, but it appears that they may now start. I wasn't able to ask this for sure and only saw the jeans, but just thought the men out there would want to know. I was able to get some nice jeans for my husband for free :)

FREE cashmere sweater!

Thanks for posting this deal, Jill. Its been phenomenal!! I always go to the Algonquin location (clothes only, FYI, to others who may not know). They have tons of stuff in the back room not brought out yet, so stock is always changing (racks are always kept full).

For the maternity searcher... I haven't seen anything in this location myself, but just finished my second round of pregnancy and have a few tips:

Tip #1 - buy regular clothes, just bigger. This can work for quite a while and for some women all the way. A Belly Band (see Target for BeBand, around $20) is a must! It will look like you are wearing an under layer like a t-shirt, but you wear it over the top of your pants. Its only for you to know if those pants you are wearing are really buttoned or not! ;-)

Tip #2 - craigslist! I picked up two trash bags full from two sisters for $20. Not all current, but certainly enough to add to my stock pile (from Goodwill). The Goodwill in Carpentersville has had separate maternity racks. I have not seen one at the new Savers store in Crystal Lake (great prices by the way).

Tip #3 - for baby stuff, I highly recommend checking out the book "Baby Bargains" by Alan and Denise Fields. I also frequent Kids 2nd Wardrobe on Randall Road. (www.kids2ndwardrobe.com) They have a great selection and a good eye for better quality stuff. Just picked up a Gap fleece lined corduroy jacket for my son for a few bucks. They have toys and goods there too. I always find a great selection of brand new with tags still on.


I was the maternity searcher:) My last pregnancy was 12 years ago - and so I didn't hold on to anything! Last Tuesday I picked up a long sweater that fits me perfect now with room to grow! Today I actually spotted a pair of maternity pants but it had a stain on it.
And thanks for mentioning Kids 2nd wardrobe - I really can't believe I have never been there - I pass it all the time. I'll be sure to check it out! By chance do you know what size they go up to?

Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know about Kids 2nd Wardrobe. I love to discover new kids consignment shops so I will definitely check that out! Just an fyi to you that there is also a new store called Trendy Tots out in Carpentersville right off of Randall on Huntley Rd. They opened in August I believe. I went there the other day and the selection is nice! Thought you might want to know in case you are out that way :)

Schaumburg Sears Outlet

Headed over for my free item today and they had marked all the clothing down an additional 90%! And you still get your free item. There isn't a whole lot left, but another customer told me that they were going to be moving the store soon (I believe she said over to Roselle Road) and that was why they had marked down all the clothes. I walked out with 6 pieces of clothing for $3! Good day!

Through 11/30, INSTANT SAVINGS on clothes too!

This was in the Sears Outlet Black Friday ad:

Through 11/30:

Spend $25, save $5
Spend $50, save $15
Spend $75 save $25
Spend $100, save $35!

This is an instant-savings that comes off at the register when you use your Shop Your Way card. We went last week and my daughter bought a TON of clothes ($6 jeans are hard to pass up!) and we were just over $100 - the $35 that came off in instant savings was fantastic. If you're shopping there today (in addition to picking out free clothes, that is) and find some good deals - they'll be even better with this.

Dec. 1st thru Dec. 7th

Received an ad in my regular sale ads on Wednesday . Similar savings to last week looks like they added Spend $30 save $10.

3 stores only in IL

When I pull up the store locations from your link there are only 3 stores that show up for all of IL as ones that participate in this offer. I called up a couple of Sears Outlets in my area and they don't participate in this promotion.

6 Stores above

The 3 additional Illinois stores listed above that are new locations (River Grove, Woodstock, Algonquin) are definitely participating - they're just not on the website list yet. Sears Outlet has been posting updated lists on their Facebook page throughout the promotion that include these stores, and I have shopped at both the Woodstock and Algonquin outlets - they are participating. There are a total of 6 northern Illinois stores offering the free clothing promo..

To participate, your Sears Outlet must also stock clothing. There are a lot of Sears Outlets that only carry appliances and general merchandise -- they don't participate because they don't stock clothes.

Algonquin store...

Never mind...I forget to hit "read more" button. dah!

Thank You Jill!!!

Hope your feeling better!
Thank you for this!
Last week at the Schaumburg location I found a 100% cashmere sweater (originally 70.00) and my daughter found a pair of black jeans that she needed for work.
My daughter was in the restroom during checkout and they wouldn't let me use her coupon so we had to wait in line again. Long line but all 5 registers were manned. So worth it though. Huge selection + lots of people hopefully means they will continue. Going to Naperville today.
Would like to leave now but my daughter begged me to wait until school is out.
Hope your substituting some orange juice for coke.
The Cepacol lozenges taste awful but sure work great.

Schaumburg Clearance

This week Schaumburg is having a Clearance sale on clothes,cashier said they may be relocating. Several racks of clothes left, sizes all mixed so you have to really search. But 90% off the outlet price, plus she gave me the one free. Most things are priced at about $10.00, so pretty much everything is $1. Walked out with 3 slacks, 3 sweaters and paid $5.26 including tax. Can't beat that!

That is good!

I went to Woodstock today and got a free black shirt, plus $25 worth of kids' clothing. There's supposed to be a $5 instant savings on $25 worth of clothes, but the register took off $10..! I asked about this and the cashier shrugged her shoulders... so, 3 pairs of kids' jeans, two kids' shirts, and a sweater for me for $15.

But you're right, nobody's going to beat your $5.26! :)

Bumping UP!

It's Tuesday again... go get your free clothing at Sears Outlet! :)


How do you get the card after you sign up? I am registered but I do not have a card. Thank you

How did I miss out on this?

I am a bit disappointed that I missed out on this. I could sure use some new clothes. I always run into these deals too late.

Sears Card

You do not need a card. Once registered, they can look up your account via with your phone number.


Does the one in Woodstock end Early in Nov 30th or will it continue until December 27th.

Maternity Clothes

This is for the lady posting about maternity clothes..
GOOD WILL! they have tons and tons and tons of stuff for less than $10! i had the same problem.. i didnt wanna spend lots of money on clothes i would only wear for a short time.. then i discovered the mass amounts they have there for next to nothing!! hope you find some good stuff!!

Anyone know if...

the outlet in Algonquin sells maternity clothes?


That's a good question! I don't think I saw a separate area for maternity, but when I was there last week I DID see some maternity pants, just in with the regular pants. I think you would need to be the treasure-hunting type to go see if you could find some :)

For free maternity clothes....

I would spend a long time treasure hunting:) I'm finding it hard to fork over ANY amount of money toward something I'm not going to wear in a matter of months!!

Thanks for the info Jill - I'll be sure to check it out.

Free Dress

I love my $79 dress for free. Thanks, Jill!

Yesterday, BTW

This was yesterday, BTW at around 3:15/3:30 in the afternoon, so the cap was not reached.


How do you get the card after you sign up?

WOW it works!!!!!

I went to the Melrose Park location today. I got my husband a pair of Docker dress slacks (retail value of $65.00) COMPLETELY FREE! Thank you Jill for providing us with this information!!!