Target Christmas clearance 70% off: What we found


After hearing from several readers that Target dropped its post-Christmas clearance items to 70% off yesterday, we headed out this afternoon (Algonquin, IL) to look for potential deals. 

Our local store had a lot of ornaments, gift wrap, lights, and other decor items still in stock. We also spotted a lot of holiday Star Wars items in the clearance aisles, which my children happily snapped up. 


The kids added this giant Stormtrooper to the cart, but alas, he was only 30% off and still priced at $49.99 — a bit steep for something that just looks cool..! He was fun to push around in the cart though while we shopped.

My husband was very excited to score an inflatable Star Wars BB-8 lawn decoration. “Look, it doesn’t even have anything Christmas-specific on it, so we can put it up throughout the year to celebrate other Star Wars events!” he said. (May The Fourth, here we come!)



There are a couple aisles of clearance Christmas food items marked at 50% off in the front of the store too. We grabbed a couple bags of Stauffer’s iced animal cookies marked down to .50. 

Our daughter also scored big points for finding an unusual decorative item in the Christmas clearance aisle for next year’s What Is It? gift swap game that we play with our extended family. She was absolutely delighted with it, especially when it rang up for $1.50. She wants to keep it a secret from the family (although they may read this!) but I did sneak a photo of the item going by on the belt at Target. See if you can spot it…


Target also has a Cartwheel ecoupon for 20% off clearance clothing too, so we loaded that while in store to save even more. 


We got lots of deals today, so here’s the breakdown of what we bought! My son was especially excited about the Yoda hoodie at left. There’s nothing Christmas-specific about it, but it and a bunch of other Star Wars items are definitely ringing up at 70% off with the Christmas clearance. 

  • Yoda hoodie: Originally $16.99, it rang up $5.09 with the 70% off, and Cartwheel took another 20% off, dropping this to $4.07. 
  • Ceramic coffee cup: Originally $3, it rang up at .90!
  • Two American Greetings 75-square-foot rolls of gift wraps (yes, Target’s got nice neutral gift wrap too) rang up at .75 each.
  • Four Scotch Magic tape 4-packs: These rang up at $3.19 each, even though they were in the 70% off area. The cashier adjusted them to .96 each.



  • Two Superman and Batman Boxer Brief and Tumbler gift sets: Originally $11.99, these rang up at $3.59. Cartwheel then took another 20% off as they are clothing items (!), dropping these to $2.87 each!
  • Four pairs of Star Wars men’s socks. These were in the Dollar Spot for $1 each (not Christmas clearance, but my husband couldn’t resist.)
  • Two bags Stauffer’s iced animal cookies: Originally $1, these were .50 each. 


  • One pair Mossimo boys’ sweat pants: Not a Christmas item, but I am always looking for 100% cotton sweats, and these are! They were on clearance for $11.88 and Cartwheel’s 20% off took them to $9.50.
  • Two Darth Vader raglan tees: These are Christmas items (Vader’s wearing a plaid scarf!)  Originally $12.99, these rang up at $3.89. Cartwheel dropped them to $3.11 each.
  • One pair men’s Marvel Deadpool Christmas pajama pants: Originally $16.99, these rang up at $5.09, and Cartwheel dropped them to $4.07.
  • One package Hanes 7-pack boys’ underwear. These were on clearance too (we only saw one package at this price) and rang up at $6.61. Cartwheel dropped them to $5.29.


  • Kids’ Christmas Yoda sweatshirt: Originally $16.99, it rang up $5.09 with the 70% off, and Cartwheel took another 20% off, dropping this to $4.07. 
  • Inflatable Star Wars BB-8 lawn decoration: Originally $40, it rang up at $12. 
  • Three boxes of Christmas cards: Originally $7, these rang up at $1 each
  • Two rolls of ribbon. Originally $3, these rang up at .90. 

If you’ve been out after-Christmas clearance shopping, I’d love to hear what you found too! 



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    Great score, I didn’t see many clothing items in the Mundelein Target but I will stop in again to check in. I did find an adorable end table for my office, made out of tree branches and cut to make a table, so cute, was normally $99. and 70% off was $29. Keep an eye out in the home section too! It was a bit humorous lifting it up to the price checker! Also, keep an eye out for car care sets by Armour All 10pc and Meguires 6pc box sets normally 19.99 they are 5.99 on the 70%.

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