Thanks for more bargain bed pillows, JC Penney

I never let a good $10-off-$10 coupon go to waste (and neither should you..!)  JC Penney is particularly good about sending these out, at least to me – and they never fail to get me in the store. It’s pretty easy to find something to spend $10 on at JC Penney! I often use them on pairs of socks for me and the kids. If there’s nothing we need for the family or household, though I usually head to the housewares department and use these on things like towels and washcloths or small kitchen tools.

Last month, I got a great deal on bed pillows – they were on sale “Buy One, Get One for a Penny.” Their standard size firm pillows are $12 every day, so after my $10-off-$10, I paid $2.01 for two new pillows, which my daughter quickly claimed.

Well, less than a month later, look what’s arrived in my mail:


TWO different $10-off-$10 coupons for JC Penney.  This is the first time I can recall having two different $10-off-$10s with different expiration dates that overlap the same window of time.

I headed back to JCP again, and as I browsed the store, I saw…


Well! I thought I’d gotten such a good deal when the pillows were Buy One Get One For a Penny, but now they’re Buy One Get One FREE!

As crazy as it seemed to be buying more pillows, I think my boys are due for some new pillows too, and at this price, how could I pass them up?


Two transactions later, I was out the door with four new pillows for $4 and change. Nice!



    • says

      Honestly, I’m not sure other than by shopping there. I arm not a JCP cardholder or anything, though I do have a JCP Rewards (free points) account with them. These coupons just come inside postcards and flyers in the mail though — they’re not rewards certificates.

      I rarely, if ever, go to JCP without a coupon, so shopping -without- coupons doesn’t appear to be a factor. I wish I knew exactly what triggers them. I’ll keep using them though :)

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