How to use your Jewel-Osco Fuel Rewards at the gas station


Have you been using your Jewel-Osco Fuel Rewards? Each time you shop at Jewel and enter your MyMixx number at checkout, you’ll accrue one Fuel Rewards point for every dollar you spend on groceries or pharmacy items at Jewel. Gift card purchases earn two points per dollar.

For every 100 Fuel Rewards points you accrue in each calendar month, you’ll earn a .10/gallon discount. You can use up to two .10/gallon discounts in the same fill-up, netting you .20 off each gallon of gas. Your Fuel Rewards are good for the current month and the following month, and then they expire. (Rewards you earn in February will expire in March, and so on.) You can view your current Fuel Rewards balance when you log into MyMixx.


Your Fuel Rewards can be redeemed at participating Shell gas stations. Jewel’s site has an overview of how to use your fuel rewards, but a few of my readers have written in to ask for help:

“Jill, do you have any idea how to use the gas rewards for Jewel? I have some expiring and I went to Shell, but the gas station asked for my Jewel card. I threw that away long ago. How are we supposed to use these without a card?”

Jewel’s website instructs you to enter your MyMixx phone number at the gas pump, but in reality, there are a few more steps involved. 



When you get to the pump, you’ll see this welcome screen. Press the button next to “Jewel ID / FR.”


Next, you’ll see this screen. It says “Insert Jewel ID/FR Card.” What you want to do here is press the button next to “ALT ID.”


Another screen will come up instructing you to “Enter ALT ID Then Press Enter.” You will need to enter the same phone number that’s attached to your Jewel-Osco MyMixx account. There is a keypad on the gas pump near the credit card slot. 


You can see the keypad in this photo. Type in your phone number and press the green Enter button.


Once your number is accepted, the per-gallon gas prices on the pump will change to reflect the value of your Fuel Rewards. Here, the gas was $2.29 per gallon, but the price changed to $2.09 per gallon to reflect my .20 Fuel Rewards discount.


Now you’re ready to fill ‘er up!


Keep in mind that your Fuel Rewards per-gallon discount is limited to a maximum of 20 gallons per fill-up. It’s to your advantage to use your Fuel Rewards when your tank is as close to empty as possible to get the full value of your rewards, which you can see is what I did here.

Hope this helps everyone understand how to use Jewel’s Fuel Rewards. Don’t let them expire if you’ve accrued them — gas discounts are great!


  1. Theresa says

    My Shell screens are the same steps but look slightly different. There are three choices when I get to the Alt ID screen and Alt ID is the first choice. I actually had to ask the first time since I picked the wrong ID choice. The Shell people are very willing to help.

    • says

      Wow – thanks for letting me (and everyone else!) know. I have only been going to the Shell station closest to me, so I didn’t realize the screens are different at different stations. No wonder some people are confused.!

  2. sportnfood says

    On some of the pumps I’ve used, there’s a sticker on the very left with these exact instructions. I still find it quite confusing and have pushed incorrect buttons numerous times!

  3. SSMark1 says

    I liked the old days of just swiping my Fuel Rewards card with unlimited cents off when it was linked to Jewel.
    Now I have to check each of them individually.

    I still have my Fuel Rewards card hooked up to all my MasterCards (MasterCard Credit Cards & Debit Cards) as well as my Total Rewards (Caesars Loyalty Program).

    Then I compare prices with GasBuddy to see if I can get a better deal at Exxon/Mobil + Plenti, BP + BP Rewards , or Speedway with Rewards.
    Many times I can’t beat the price of Sam’s & Costco (Costco sells Shell gasoline according to the Costco representative I talked to last year).

    I also have a stockpile of discounted gas cards that I purchase with credit cards to MAX my rewards & cents off:
    Here is today’s eBay list of gift card deals:
    svmgiftcards is local & I buy from them all the time.
    Currently, They have BP & Chevron/Texaco at 7% off = about 15 cents a gallon at current prices in NW Chicago burbs.
    And they DO sell Circle K which will work with SHELL, SO STOCK UP ON THOSE when they are available!!!

    Yes, it’s seems like a lot if you don’t know the system, but once you get the hang of it, you will become a gas price expert & save a lot of money!


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