Free Wi-Fi in the woods

tree on ground


We have a three-trunked weeping willow tree on our property, and over the years, one of the trunks has split from its siblings and progressively leaned over, more and more, until the majority of it was resting on the ground. We love the tree, but we realize that it’s an old tree too, and having such a tall and long tree trunk laying in the backyard was taking up a lot of yard space. 

It was time to cut this tree trunk away. My dad came over with an arsenal of chainsaws for an afternoon of tree-cutting. 


After removing the tree’s branches, Dad used his largest chainsaw to cut the tree’s massive trunk into more manageable pieces. 


My children cleared the brush, rolling and carrying many of the logs to our woodpile to help stack them up. Then, one of my sons noticed an interesting design in a piece of the tree’s rings:


He called out… 

“Mom, look! This tree has free Wi-Fi!” 





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