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Food companies quietly dropping GMO ingredients

NPR has an interesting article about brands quietly dropping genetically modified ingredients. One would think this would be a huge selling point for brands and that they'd be shouting this information from the rooftops, but according to the story, they're not:

General Mills' original plain Cheerios are now GMO-free, but the only announcement was in a company blog post in January. And you won't see any label on the box highlighting the change. Grape Nuts, another cereal aisle staple, made by Post, is also non-GMO. And Target has about 80 of its own brand items certified GMO-free.

Megan Westgate runs the Non-GMO Project, which acts as an independent third-party verifier of GMO-free products, including Target's. She says her organization knows about "a lot of exciting cool things that are happening that for whatever strategic reasons get kept pretty quiet."

But just because they're testing the water doesn't mean most mainstream companies are ready to start publicizing their changes.

Nathan Hendricks, an agricultural economist at Kansas State University, says big food producers are trying to gauge what direction consumers are headed in. "Ultimately," he says, "these big companies aren't just friends with Monsanto or something. They want to make a profit, and they want to be able to do what's going to make them money." So they'd better have a product line in the works if consumer sentiment starts to shift more heavily toward GMO-free food.

Read the entire article at NPR.

Jewel-Osco Deals of the Week: 7/23/14 - 7/29/14

Here are your Jewel-Osco coupon matchups and grocery deals for Chicagoland:

View weekly ad | SavingStar ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers

Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.
Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
.66 Essential Everyday dijon mustard, ketchup or marinades, $1.50 Friendly's ice cream, $2.50 Klondike bars and Popsicles, $2.50 Philly Gourmet beef sandwich steaks, $5.99 Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen

Big Book of Savings deals:
.49 Essential Everyday mustard, .50 Essential Everyday BBQ sauce, .99 Old Spice deodorant, $1.17 Azteca tortillas, $1.33 Bush's beans, $1.49 Essential Everyday pickles, $1.50 Alexia Smart Classics fries, $1.99 Weight Watchers ice cream bars and pops, $2 Herdez salsa, $2.99 Purina Puppy Chow

Checkout 51 Offers

Deals of the Week for July 20, 2014 are live!

Deals of the Week are live!

Sunday's Chicago Tribune had NO coupon inserts due to it being a scheduled non-insert week.

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Target Deals of the Week: 7/20/14 - 7/27/14

Here are your Target deals for the current week...

View weekly ad | Print store coupons from Target.com | Target Cartwheel ecoupon offers | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

Top deals:
$5.99 Tide, .99 School supplies, $8 TI 30XIIS calculator, $25 Jansport Trans backpacks

Office Depot OfficeMax school supply deals: 7/20/14 - 7/27/14

Here are your Office Depot OfficeMax school supply deals for the current week...
View Office Depot ad | View OfficeMax ad

Top deals:
.25 Manual pencil sharpeners, .25 3-5ct. pink erasers, .25 Poly Snap envelopes, .25 School glue, $2 Sharpie 3-packs, $3 Dry Erase boards, $5 Wood pencil 72-pack, $10 Brother P-Touch label maker, $10 Sharpie Accent highlighter 20-pack, $12.99 TI 30XIIS calculator

Menards School Supply Deals: 7/20/14 - 8/2/14

Here are your Menards school supply deals valid through 8/2:
View Menards ad

Top deals:
FREE LED night lights or Puck lights, FREE LED reading lights, FREE pens and 1-subject notebooks, .39 rulers, 24-pack crayons, scissors, glue sticks, glue, pencil sharpeners, erasers, folders, pencil boxes, index cards

Walgreens Deals of the Week: 7/20/14 - 7/26/14

Walgreens PhotoHere are your Walgreens coupon matchups and weekly deals for Chicago and the rest of the USA...

View weekly ad | Preview next week's ad on Friday | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

My deals writeups reference "IVC" coupons. These are found in the monthly Instant Value Coupon books found at the front of the Walgreens store on the flyer racks.

Top deals:
FREE Reach toothbrushes, FREE Puracyn wound and skin care solution, FREE Virmax male supplement, .54-.74 Butterball turkey bacon, .92 Scope mouthwash, $1 Capri-Sun, $1 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish, $1.50 Jif peanut butter and Smuckers fruit spreads, $1.50 Lancaster cremes, $1.99 Domino sugar, $2 Brookside chocolates, $2.99 Clairol Nice & Easy haircolor, $3.49 Atkins shakes and bars, $3.94 Off insect repellent, $5-$5.50 Coppertone sunscreen

Weekly Deals from Walgreens

CVS/pharmacy Deals of the Week: 7/20/14 - 7/26/14

Here are your CVS/pharmacy coupon deals and matchups...
View print version of weekly ad | My Weekly Ad | SavingStar ecoupon offers | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers

Top deals:
FREE Just the Basics paper towels, .50 Dial foaming hand wash pumps, $1 Brookside chocolates, $1.66 Twizzlers, $2 Pantene, $3.49 OGX haircare, $5.24 Oral B toothbrush + Crest WhiteStrips pack, $8.44 Tide or $9.44 Gain, 30% off CVS brands this week, school supply deals

FREE Super-Couponing Workshop + Saturday Shopping Spree on July 19th in Woodstock, IL!

My Super-Couponing workshop comes to Woodstock, Illinois on July 19th as part of a "Saturday Shopping Spree" event!

Doors open at 9:30am for a shopping spree featuring vendors like Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Perfectly Posh and more. Pre-register for this free class and receive a $10 coupon to use in the vendor shopping area!

My class takes place at noon, and the vendor shopping area will remain open until 2:30pm.

Saturday, July 19 @ 12:00pm - Woodstock, IL
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Woodstock, IL 60098

If you're in Harvard, Crystal Lake, Cary, Fox River Grove, Barrington, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Edison Park, Norwood Park, Gladstone Park, Jefferson Park, Irving Park, or Chicago... this workshop's easily accessible for you too! Mixin Mingle is located less than two blocks from the Woodstock Metra rail station. Hop on the train, enjoy the ride, hop off... and walk to class! Find Metra train schedule info here and a walking map here.

Woodstock is also a great place to spend the day -- from shopping to dining, there's so much to do and see on the historic Woodstock Square. It's also where the classic Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day" was filmed, and you can take a self-guided walking tour of the sights in the movie.

Advertised and unadvertised deal shopping at Meijer

I went to Meijer today to check out prices on this week's sunscreen deal for you and to shop the sales. I found a few unadvertised offers to share too!

First up: Sunscreen Catalina Deal

Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens are part of a "Buy $25, Get $10 Catalina" offer this week at Meijer.

My Algonquin Meijer was out of every Hawaiian Tropic product other than the after-sun aloe, so I collected prices for Banana Boat:

Banana Boat Sport 8oz. and 10oz. bonus bottles: $6.79
Banana Boat Kids 8oz. tubes: $7.79
Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate 6oz. bottles: $7.99
Banana Boat Triple Defense Men 6oz. bottles: $7.99

Ibotta has four different $1.25 offers running on these four varieties of Banana Boat. The 6/29 SS has a $1 coupon, and here's a $1 printable.

With four $1 coupons, you could buy one of each ($30.56.) Use four $1 coupons. Pay $26.56 and get a $10 Catalina. Get $1.25 back for each item from Ibotta. That's $11.56 for four, or $2.89 each!

Because my store had the 10-ounce bonus-size Sport bottles, I opted to do the deal a different way so I could take home more sunscreen.

I bought three Banana Boat Sport 10oz. bottles and one Banana Boat Kids 8oz. tube. I used four $1 coupons. I paid $24.16 and got a $10 Catalina. I got $2.50 back from Ibotta, so that's $11.66 for four, or about $2.92 each. For the extra .03 per bottle, I ended up with 38 ounces of sunscreen vs. 30 over the original scenario -- almost like getting another free bottle!

Unadvertised Orange Juice Deal

I saw shelf tags near the orange juice advertising a "Buy $10, Get $3 Catalina" offer on Meijer brand juices. I bought five 59-ounce cartons of Meijer OJ for $2 each. I paid $10 and got a $3 Catalina. That's $7 for five cartons, or $1.40 each!

Unadvertised Bath Tissue Deal

I spotted a "Spend $10, Save $3" ecoupon on Mperks for Meijer bath tissue. I bought one Meijer 6 Mega Roll bath tissue for $6.29 (equivalent to 24 regular rolls - they are some seriously large rolls!). I also bought one Meijer 6 Double Roll bath tissue for $3.99. That's $10.28 -- after the ecoupon, I paid $7.28. If we look at the regular roll equivalencies, this works out to about .20 per regular roll. That's a good price.

Advertised Deals

I also did the "Buy 8" sale on Keebler products. I bought four $1.69 Keebler Club Crackers and Town House Pretzel Thins. And, I bought four $1.49 Keebler cookies. I used two $1-off-2 cracker coupons from the 6/29 RP, and I used four $1.50 cookie coupons from Kellogg's Family Rewards. This dropped the crackers to $1.19 per box, and all of the cookies were free.

Lastly, I did a round of "Buy 10 for $10, Get the 11th FREE." I bought nine Old El Paso taco shells for $1 each. I also bought two bags of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers for $1 each. I used three $1-off-3 printable coupons for the taco shells. I paid $8 for everything -- like getting the taco shells for about .66 per box, paying for one $1 Goldfish and getting the next bag free!

Now I've got the $10 sunscreen Catalina and the $3 juice Catalina for my next trip to Meijer...

Ace Hardware, no one wants cancer-causing toothbrushes.

I was pretty excited when I saw the new Ace Hardware ad that came in today's newspaper. It's filled with coupons for all sorts of bargain-priced items! As I flipped through it this afternoon, I noted some of the items I wanted to pick up:

  • A 6-pack of toothbrushes that come with a toothbrush stand and drinking cup: $1.29, limit 4
  • A 3-pack of kitchen brushes is .99
  • Plastic scoops are .99. My husband wanted one of these to keep in the icemaker in the freezer.
    (I'm not sure what kind of ice needs he's got lately that involve an entire scoop of ice, but that's another story...)

I headed over to Ace tonight and bought everything. I thought the toothbrush sets were a particularly good deal -- I planned to toss one of those in our camping tote and keep an entire set of toothbrushes for the family together. I also grabbed a second plastic scoop, thinking it would be a great thing to keep in the dog food bag instead of the plastic cup that's in there now.

And, of course, I decided to blog about these deals too! I set everything up on the patio table and started taking photographs. That's when I noticed something strange on the tags of the plastic scoops:

Aldi Deals of the Week: 7/16/14 - 7/22/14

Here are your Aldi deals for the current week. This writeup is based on the Chicagoland Aldi ad.
View weekly ad | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers

Top deals:
.99 Benton's animal crackers, .99 Clancy's cheese curls, $1.39 Tandil bleach, $1.49 Boulder napkins, $1.49 Great Gherkins pickle chips, $1.79 Nature's Nectar lemonade, $1.99 Parkview brats, $2.99 Easy Home toilet brush, $4.99 Easy Home folding step stool, $12.99 Easy Home personal table

Top summer catalog deals:
.69 Burman's yellow mustard, .79 Lunch Buddies fruit snacks, .89 L'Oven Fresh buns, .99 Burman's BBQ sauce, $1.39 Benton's honey graham crackers, $1.49 Baker's Corner maraschino cherries, $1.49 Burman's ketchup, $1.49 Savoritz crackers, $1.99 Belmont sherbet, $1.99 Little Salad Bar hummus, $1.99 Simply Nature fruit squeezers, $1.99 Sundae Shoppe ice cream, $2.99 Fit & Active ground turkey, $2.99 Simms beef jerky, $3.99 Lacura spray sunscreen, $5.99 Crane XL beach bags, $9.99 Slip N' Slide, $13.99 Range Master portable grill, $14.99 Crane pop-up sun cabana, $34.99 Coleman 4-person tent, $39.99 Gardenline rattan deck box, $59.99 Gardenline pop-up gazebo, $69.99 Bestway fast-set pool

Checkout 51 Offers

Meijer Deals of the Week: 7/17/14 - 7/23/14

Here are your Chicago Meijer coupon deals and matchups for the current week in the following Illinois stores: Algonquin, Aurora, Bloomingdale, Bolingbrook, Elgin, Evergreen Park, McHenry, Oswego, Plainfield, Rolling Meadows, St. Charles:

View weekly ad | Preview next week's ad on Tuesday | Load Meijer Mperks ecoupons | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.

Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday Chicago Tribune delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
"Buy 8, Save $8" Kellogg's sale (with lots of freebies with the right coupons!), .50 - .66 Hunt's tomatoes, .66 Old El Paso products, .75 Chex Mix, .75 Old Orchard juice concentrates, .80 Michelina's meals, .88 Chef Boyardee, $1.17 Little Debbie snack cakes, $1.50 New York garlic bread, $1.65 Smuckers jelly or jam, $1.70 Dole fruit bowls, crisps, and Squish'Ems, $1.99 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent, $2.88 Birds Eye Voila meals, $5.99 Gain Flings and Tide Pods, Huggies "Spend $50, Get $10", "Spend $25, Get $10" Schick, Playtex, Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic sale, school supply deals


Jewel-Osco Deals of the Week: 7/16/14 - 7/22/14

Here are your Jewel-Osco coupon matchups and grocery deals for Chicagoland:

View weekly ad | SavingStar ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers

Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.
Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
.66 Essential Everyday dijon mustard, ketchup or marinades, .71-.75 Chef Boyardee, $1 Tampax Radiant tampons, $1.17 Old Orchard juices, $2 Kemp's frozen yogurt, $3.99 Snapple 6-packs, school supply deals

Big Book of Savings deals:
.49 Essential Everyday mustard, .50 Essential Everyday BBQ sauce, .99 Old Spice deodorant, $1.17 Azteca tortillas, $1.33 Bush's beans, $1.49 Essential Everyday pickles, $1.50 Alexia Smart Classics fries, $1.99 Weight Watchers ice cream bars and pops, $2 Herdez salsa, $2.99 Purina Puppy Chow

Checkout 51 Offers

New Super-Couponing Tips column: Vacation savings: To drive or to fly?

This week's syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column is entitled "Vacation savings: To drive or to fly?" Here's an excerpt:

"With summer vacation season in full swing, I’d like to devote some column space to talking about travel and vacation savings. One of the benefits of my being so devoted to couponing is being able to save or spend the money we’ve saved in other areas of life. We love to travel, and our family’s vacations are always planned with a budget in mind. Whether we’re camping in tents at a local conservation area or flying to one of the coasts, I’m always looking for the most economical ways for our family to see the world and make memories together.


"When I was a child, my family took a lot of road trips. Getting to our destination took several days filled with long drives, stops at roadside attractions and educational experiences. (I’ve long joked that my Dad couldn’t drive us anywhere without stopping to tour a cave or a power dam. We always had to see at least one educational spot on every trip!)"

Read this entire column at NWItimes.com.

My Super-Couponing Tips column appears in newspapers around the country to a weekly readership of over 20 million people!

View an archive of past Super-Couponing Tips columns

Deals of the Week for July 13, 2014 are live!

Deals of the Week are live!

Sunday's Chicago Tribune had TWO coupon inserts: SmartSource (SS) and RedPlum (RP.)

In Chicagoland, the SmartSource has a coupon inside for a free bottle of Frui2O flavored water! The Parade magazine has a $1.50 Visine coupon and a $2 Kerasal coupon in it too.

This week, I've got a great, delicious blog giveaway for one of my lucky readers! Enter to win an assortment of Gold Emblem Abound healthy snacks from CVS/pharmacy!

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Have a great week of shopping and saving!

All You

Jewel-Osco has updated its coupon policy

Jewel-Osco recently updated its coupon policy. I've heard rumblings of this from a couple of readers who saw the new policy in-store, but Jewel has put the policy online now for everyone to read.

The biggest and most notable changes:

- Jewel-Osco does not accept ANY coupons issued by another retailer. (This means Catalinas from other stores will no longer be accepted.)

- Coupons with the verbiage “Redeemable only at” or “Redeemable at…” [Competitor name]: CANNOT be redeemed at Jewel-Osco. (Yes, I'm thinking of the many Coupons.com printables that state "Redeemable at Walmart."

- For all coupons, follow limitations on quantities or the number of purchases per customer.

Interestingly, Jewel-Osco hosts Coupons.com coupons on its own website, and some of those printable coupons state "Reedemable at Walmart" on them. With the policy change, Jewel may find itself hosting printable offers on its own site that shoppers cannot redeem at Jewel.

My search for the perfect family camping tent

Note: I recently purchased the Ozark Trail 10-person dome tent. This post contains affiliate links.

I love to camp. My parents were (and still are!) avid campers. My earliest childhood memory is camping in my mom and dad's big blue canvas cabin tent. Incredibly, that big canvas tent is still around too, more than 40 years after they bought it. A well-cared-for canvas tent will last almost forever! I've borrowed their tent a few times over the years, but it weighs at least 70 pounds, and its box is nearly the size of a casket.

Years ago, when I got out of college, I started looking for the perfect tent. As I'm sure you know, I research everything to a fault before I make a purchase..! Tents come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. As with nearly everything I buy, I wanted the best quality item for the most reasonable price.

After considering all of the criteria, I narrowed my list down to the following "wish list:"

  • Dome-style or tunnel-style nylon tent
  • A tent with four poles or fewer
  • A tent I could set up alone in under 10 minutes
  • A tent that didn't require guy lines
  • A tent with a full rainfly
  • Bonus: A tent with a vestibule door

After helping friends set up their multi-room, multi-wing McMansion tents, I knew I didn't want a tent that was complex or difficult to set up. (One friend's crazy Y-shaped tent comes to mind -- working together, it took us more than 45 minutes to pitch! No thanks.) Dome and tunnel-style tents are self-supporting, with one large central room. Some tents require staked-out guy lines for support, but self-supporting tents don't. They don't have a lot of poles, and they're pretty easy and quick to set up. I wanted a nylon tent -- they're lightweight, and they pack down to very small sizes.

Mariano's Deals of the Week: 7/10/14 - 7/23/14

Here are your Mariano's coupon matchups and grocery deals for Chicagoland. I use the Arlington Heights version of the ad for matchups:
View weekly ad | SavingStar ecoupons | Checkout 51 ecoupons
Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.
Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
$1.50 Kraft shredded cheese, $1.50 Cirio tomatoes, $2 Horizon sour cream, $3 Mama Francesca pizzelle cookies, $3.75 Horizon organic milk, $4 Eggo waffles

GIVEAWAY: Win an assortment of Gold Emblem Abound healthy snacks from CVS/pharmacy!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by CVS/pharmacy. I have received an assortment of Gold Emblem Abound snacks, as well as information to help promote the product as part of this giveaway. I am a CVS ambassador blogger selected by CVS to represent their brand. I do not receive a commission for CVS products purchased through CVS.com. All opinions about CVS/pharmacy are my own.

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended! The winner is Gailanne!

CVS/pharmacy fans, have you heard about Gold Emblem Abound? It's a new line of healthy, good-for-you snacks at CVS/pharmacy!
Products range from trail mixes and granola bars to popcorn, fruit snacks and rice crisps.

CVS sent over an assortment of delicious products to try! We really like the Sunshine Edamame blend of fruit, nuts and soybeans. The barbecue rice crisps are another favorite, and of course the kids enjoyed the cranberry oat bran cookies too! It's been fun to have such a great assortment of healthy snacks to sample and enjoy... and now, one of my readers will get a chance to try Gold Emblem Abound snacks too!

Our assortment contained:

- Gold Emblem Abound Sea Salt and Barbecue Rice Crisps
- Fruit & Nut Fiber Trail Mix
- Heavenly Light Popcorn
- Sunshine Edamame Blend
- Probiotic Trail Mix
- Cranberry Oat Bran Cookies
- Raw Natural Almonds
- Pomegranate and Cranberry Snack Bars
- Island Fruit Trail Mix

Want a chance to win a similar assortment of Gold Emblem Abound products from CVS/pharmacy? Simply post a reply in the comments! This CVS/pharmacy Gold Emblem Abound giveaway begins today, July 10, 2014, and runs for one week. The giveaway will end on July 16, 2014 at 11:59pm CST, and on July 17th, one winner will be chosen via a random number generator!

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Summer clearance at 6PM.com

6PM.com is having a "Sweet Summer Clearance" sale! This is one of my favorite places to shop for name-brand clothing items on the cheap! Lots of clothes and shoes are priced upwards of 65% off. Many clothing items are priced at $10 or less, with shoes, bags and dresses priced at $25 or less. Here are some deals I spotted:

Shipping is always FREE at 6PM.com!

Browse 6PM.com's Sweet Summer Clearance sale!

Great deal on 5-gallon Rubbermaid water cooler: $12.99 at Menards!

As it's summer and I have camping on the brain, I thought I'd share a great deal I spotted in the Menards ad! This 5-gallon Rubbermaid water cooler is just $12.99 at Menards this week. It's $17.99 with a $5 mail-in rebate, limit 2.

I mention this because I was looking for a deal on these recently -- we have a 3-gallon water cooler that's suffering the same fate as our old tent -- not quite large enough for our family. And, I was looking at prices on these recently. Look and see how much this cooler is on Amazon right now..!

Seriously, go look. You could buy three of these coolers for the price of the one on Amazon! (Granted, the Menards cooler is green, not orange, and it's got a Menards logo on it... but it's the same cooler. For 1/3rd the price, I'll take it.)

Also, a note to those who shop in my neck of the woods: The Carpentersville store is sold out of these. (I've learned to call ahead!) Woodstock had 9 this morning.

Sam's Club membership Groupon: $45 for one-year membership with $20 gift card and $26.23 worth of free food!

If you've been waiting for a deal on a one-year Sam's Club membership, you're in luck! Groupon's got one today, and it's even better than the last offer from them:

$45 Sam's Club Membership Groupon

This Groupon includes:

  • One-year Sam's Club membership ($45 value) with two membership cards, one for another member of your household
  • $20 gift card valid for any in-club, online or fuel purchases
  • Four Fresh-food vouchers, redeemable at the time of membership activation through Monday, October 27, 2014 (a $26.23 value), including:
    Sliced oven-roast turkey (22 oz. – $7.98 value)
    Ciabatta rolls (8 ct. – $3.99 value)
    Black bean five-layer dip (28 oz. – $7.98 value)
    Apple pie (10” – $6.28 value)
  • As an added bonus, all new Sam's Club members will receive $80 in special members-only savings on select popular items.¹ These savings are valid 30 days after membership activation

So, you pay $45 and get a $20 gift card and $26.23 worth of free food! That makes this a $1.23 "moneymaker" after the deal!

This offer is available for FOUR days only! Go get your $45 Sam's Club membership Groupon!

Print a coupon for $1 off Birds Eye Recipe Ready!

Save $1.00 off 1 Birds Eye® Recipe Ready item

Here's a new printable coupon for $1 off Birds Eye Recipe Ready frozen vegetables! These often go on sale for $1, and this coupon would make them FREE! (I'll check Walmart's everyday price too, as I believe they are around $1 there all the time.)

Who doesn't love free veggies?

Chicago Tribune home delivery for .75 per week!

Chicago Tribune home delivery service is a convenient way to have newspaper inserts and coupons delivered right to your home. You can order up to two additional Sunday papers with specially-tiered pricing to maximize your couponing power, and it's even cheaper than buying your papers at the dollar store. (Plus, they're delivered to your door!)

Call 1-855-438-8742 to subscribe with any of the following codes:

Single Copy Offers Discount code Price
Sunday Edition, 1 copy JCSO .75/week
Wednesday and Sunday delivery, 1 copy JCWS $1.49/week
Multiple Copy Offers* Discount code Price
Add 1 Sunday Edition JCX1 .75/week
Add 2 Sunday Editions JCX2 $1.99/week

*Maximum 3 Sunday copies per address, within the Tribune's delivery area. Length of offer is 26 weeks of delivery.

All You magazine subscription offer: Grab 3 issues and an Entertainment Book for $5!

All You

Curious about trying All You? Here's a great try-it-on-the-cheap offer! Grab a three-month subscription to All You for $5 (just $1.67 per issue) and you'll also get a custom Entertainment Book coupon book specifically created for All You readers!

Go get your 3-issue subscription of All You & an Entertainment Book coupon book for just $5!

OR, perhaps you'd prefer this offer! Get 6 issues of All You AND a bottle of OPI nail polish for just $10!

Order Super-Couponing workshops on DVD for just $9.99!

My Super-Couponing® live workshops have continually broken attendance records for venues hosting my popular grocery-savings classes, which attract tens of thousands of people each year.

Now, my workshops are available on DVD! You'll enjoy all of the same secrets, tips and techniques taught in my live Super-Couponing and Super-Couponing 2 classes! Learn how to easily cut your grocery bill by half or more in these video workshops that are fun, fast-paced and never boring! And, with Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything, you'll learn tips for saving on clothing, housewares, toys, holiday purchases... and everything else!

This isn't the coupon clipping of our parents' generation. With my "clipless" system, we don't cut any coupons until we're ready to use them, and we're not wasting hours each week managing hundreds of little pieces of paper. You'll learn how to save big in the least amount of time possible -- minimum effort, with the maximum payoff!

Click to view FREE clips from my Super-Couponing® and Super-Couponing® 2 DVDs online and enjoy a special price of $9.99!

Print now for $1 Sally Hansen nail polish at Walgreens!


Beginning 7/20, Walgreens will have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polishes on sale for $2.79 each or 2-for-$4.

Buy two and use two $1 printables or $1 coupons from the 7/13 RP. Pay $2 for two, or $1 each!

This is a great price for this brand!

Camping gear clearance at Cabela's!

Have you been camping this summer? We've already camped a few times, and my boys are planning the menu for our next camping trip as we speak! I'm a sucker for camping gadgets and gear -- especially bargain-priced gear!

Cabela's is having a clearance sale on a bunch of camping and outdoor gear items! Here are some good buys:

This green Coleman 48-quart cooler is on sale for $19.99, down from $39.99! This is a great price.
(For comparison's sake, Amazon is selling the same cooler in blue for $30.48 right now!)

The Camper's Dream ice cream ball is on sale for $19.99, down from $26.99. I don't have one of these (yet!) but I've used one at scout camp with my kids. Load ice and salt in one side, milk and sugar in the other. The kids roll and kick the ball around, and 20 minutes later, you've got homemade ice cream. Fun!

Energizer Disney headlamps are $2.88! My kids have (boy versions) of these which I paid around $5 for. They are great for night hikes and exploring in the dark. (And, if you've got daughters, they don't have to settle for a plain old black headlamp..!)

Ship-to-store is free at Cabela's.

Browse deals on camping gear at Cabela's!

$50 off $100 sale at Carson's through 7/19


Carson's has had some great sales lately, and here's another one!

- Through Saturday, 7/19, get $50 off your order of regular and sale-priced items of $100 or more with code ZXCLUSIV14L!

- Get an additional 25% off sale prices with code JUST4YOU14L (yes, you can use them together.)

- Stack a third code, FREESHIP75, for free shipping on your order of $75 or more!

Note that the $50-off-$100 is not good on Yellow Dot Clearance, but you could put some nice deals together with these discounts regardless.

Browse current sales and deals at Carson's!

SavingStar Friday Freebie: Free Keebler Snack Cup

Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) Keebler® or Cheez-It® Snack Cup (2.2 - 3.0 oz.). Check back every Friday for a new Freebie!.Expires 7/20/2014.Save 100%.

Head over to SavingStar to load a new "Freebie Friday" offer! It's a FREE Keebler or Cheez-It Snack Cup! Purchase through Sunday night and receive 100% of the purchase price back on your SavingStar account.

Locally, SavingStar offers can be redeemed at Jewel-Osco, CVS, Mariano's, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Meijer, Dollar General, Family Dollar and Peapod.

Click to load this new offer via SavingStar!

*Note to Jewel-Osco shoppers: If you no longer have a Jewel-Osco card, you can also use a Upromise card at Jewel to redeem SavingStar ecoupons at Jewel. No Upromise card? Call 877-932-7948 to request a new Upromise card.

70% off Gymboree clearance with free shipping and 80% off at Crazy 8

Gymboree and Crazy 8 have some great sales running right now!

Gymboree's having a 70% off clearance sale. Through today only, 7/17, Gymboree has FREE shipping too! I love the quality of Gymboree's clothes, and a lot of it is 100% cotton too -- great for my sensitive-skinned son. What looks good to me tonight?

Summer tanks and sleeveless tees are $4.99. (Love this "Future Grill Master" tee!)

Water sandals are $10.99! Good price if you need them -- I find it funny that sandals are already disappearing from stores, and it's July..!

Kids' bucket hats are $6.99. I just picked this tropical-style hat up for one of my sons.

All of Gymboree's sleepwear sets are $12 too if you need pajamas. Also, through July 27th, receive $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 you spend!

Browse the 70% off clearance sale at Gymboree!

Over at Gymboree's sister site Crazy 8, clearance items are 80% off! Tees, skirts and skorts start at $2.79! Dresses start at $5.59, and accessories start at $1.39!

These adorable sun hats are just $2.79!

These girls' swimsuits are just $5.59 each!

Shipping is $5 every day at Crazy 8. UPDATE: Reader Lynn writes that she signed up for the email list on Crazy 8's homepage and got a coupon code for 20% off her order plus free shipping with a $75 (pre-coupon) order!

Browse the 80% off clearance sale at Crazy 8!

$5.99 Entertainment Books with FREE shipping!

Have you been waiting for a deal on the 2014 Entertainment Book? Wait no more! They're just $5.99 right now with FREE shipping!

Go get your 2014 Entertainment Book for $5.99 - shipped!

Striped Summer Maxi Dresses: Just $9.99 shipped from Tanga!

Tanga has a new daily deal on these cute Striped Summer Maxi Dresses! They're just $9.99 with FREE shipping! You'll be rocking this breezy, casual dress for under ten bucks!

I like them all, but I really like the asymmetrical striped one! I've got a larger photo below if you'd like to see them in detail.

Go get your $9.99 Striped Summer Maxi Dress from Tanga!

July 17th only: Get $25 Restaurant.com gift certificates for $5!

Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer

Here's a good Restaurant.com offer! Grab $25 restaurant gift certificates for just $5! Enter code "MENU" for the discount.

Go get your Restaurant.com $25 gift certificates for $5!

Secret Clinical Strength deal is back: Get TWO deodorants for $2.99, shipped!

Last year, we saw a great deal on Secret Clinical Strength! Get a travel-sized Secret Clinical Strength deodorant AND a coupon for a FREE full-sized Secret Clinical Strength deodorant for $2.99, shipped! Considering a "good deal" price for clinical strength deodorant is around $5 after coupons/sales, this is a pretty good offer if you like the product.

Go get your Secret Clinical Strength travel + full-size deal for $2.99!

Print now for .50 Dial foaming hand soap pumps at CVS next week!

$1.00 off Two
Dial Complete
foaming hand wash
Print Coupon

Beginning July 20th at CVS/pharmacy, Dial Complete foaming hand wash 7.5 oz pumps will be on sale for $2 each. Buy two and get $2 in ExtraBucks, limit 1.

So, buy two and use this $1-off-2 printable. Pay $3 and get $2 back, making these $1 for two, or .50 each! Great price!

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